Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My art studio

So I was going on a walk the other day and passed this house that had stuff on the curb. I am shameless about taking things from people's curb...it is the most wonderful thing finding something for free that you love!! My house is full of things I have found at the curb. Well, on this day I saw this long white topped, cabinet sort of thing. That night...Nate and my dad went and picked it up and brought it to our downstairs. So today, with Isabelle on my hip I re-arranged our downstairs. It looks like an art studio and from now on I just might refer to it as that:) It is perfection and makes me love my life and Nate all the more for having it. (Nate because he sweetly agreed that it was perfect...though I think if he were a bachelor the thought of owning it would have never crossed his mind)

Anyhow-with the new art studio I was inspired and added a few more things to my esty site.


Hope you like the stuff...and honestly I want everyone who is reading this to create their own etsy shop....everyone of you is created and talented and I know I would LOVE to see what you create!

Loves to you all
High Point: The realization that my basement now looks like a dream art studio:)
Low Point: Cramps...after over a year without them having them back makes me recall why I hate them....makes one want to be pregnant again!


Bekah Wallace said...

abby- thank you for a daily update, I love reading your blog and am going to add you to my blog reel if you are ok with that!

Melissa said...

Abby it makes me so happy to read about what's going on in your life and family. I love being able to "hear your voice" in your writing.
Can't wait to see you in just a couple weeks!! YAY!
Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

your own studio! I am so jealous! You need to post pictures!

Anonymous said...

Abby - thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog! I actually don't think I can sell those aprongs or my bags on etsy because the patterns are copyrighted...bummer. Someday I'm hoping to build up the confidence to design some of my own stuff and then I'll definately jump full swing into the etsy world!