Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just get up and do it!

You know when you have things that just hang over your head...not like sick things like cleaning or laundry. Things like...well why don't I just use my example to explain. I have this drawer thing that we have had since our condo. The previous owner of our condo just left it in our garage. We had been using it for nic nacks in the garage (light bulbs, levels, tools, etc) but have kept it. Well our new bedroom needs a dresser...a little one and it just seems like it would be perfect. It is old and kinda gross-but then it hit me. All those cutesy things I see at the antique stores or shabby chic stores were all pieces of nastiness before someone took them and made them cute-why can't I do that? So today....I got up and did it.

I took some paint, put little Isabelle in her bouncy saucer and out we went to the garage to paint it. It looks pretty good so far...I have more plans for it...but for now it is looking good! So it motivates me to think...why can't I do that myself...that is my new slogan. For the most part everything is not that hard it just takes confidence. So here is my encouragement to you ladies....just get up and do it!

So beside painting that drawer thing I had quite the day I guess. Isabelle rose early so we played for quite a bit. She was adorable as usual. I really cannot get enough of that girl. Then she was having a hissy fit (she is teething and I think that really makes her sad and ouchy mouthed) so we went for a drive. We picked up Nate and ate at this breakfast place called the Red Apple. You can imagine how cheesy the decor is:) But the food is great and they are really sweet there and it is RIGHT by Nate's office. So we go there quite often. Isabelle is happy the moment there are people around she can stare at. The girl is 8 months old and already a people person and people watcher (what a mini-me) I usually am a salty person...eggs, bacon, potatoes...but for some reason today I needed Chocolate Chip Pancakes. What a little kid am I? They were perfection. I swear the moment one bite went into my mouth all was right with the world again. (The top of the pancakes is covered with chocolate chips that are totally melted but still in their "chip" for...heaven!) It was amazing!

Then Isabelle and I went to this resale shop called Twice is Nice. I found some fun toys there for her and some fun fabric for sewing was a fun little trip. We went home and I started sewing. I have no discovered that I can make those cute little baby onesies with something sewn on the front. I have done a bird (my favorite) and a heart. The little man's tie that I tried does not look like a tie...rather an exclamation point. So if you know someone in the market for an exclamation point shirt/onesie let me know. I would love to get good enough at them to sell them on etsy...but that could be a long time coming. I also sewed this change purse type thing. It is cute. I think I will take some pictures and post them- I am all for the visual.

Anyhow...after that Nate was home and we went to Panera for dinner. So good...bacon turkey bravo is all I have to say. If you have never gotten it GET IT! You will not be disappointed I promise. Then we went to the library and got some movies and books. Then my parents came over and we all chatted before making a trip to the local ice cream shop for yummy cones. I got double dark bitter chip...(chocolate ice cream with bitter chocolate chunks in it...can you see a theme of chocolate in my life right now:)) Nate and I drove with my parent's there and then walked with the stroller home. Cute little Isabelle fell right asleep on the walk...she is such a darling. And now we are home and going to be getting in bed soon. But no that does not mean sleeping. Nate and I love to just laugh and be immature once in bed-who knows what brings it out when we are laying down...but something does. Loves to all and more to come later. I think I want to start posting recipes and fun things like that-in hopes that people will comment on them and even leave their own fun stuff for me to try. You all have no idea how much I love reading every one's comments on here-really it is just my attempt to get more people to leave comments:)

High Point: That first bite of Chocolate Chip Pancake with hot coffee to wash it down. Really eating that with Isabelle to my left and Nate across from me made a lot of things right.
Low Point: When Isabelle was having a complete meltdown...and my sanity was quickly slipping away....teething...thank goodness I do not remember that time of my life!


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog - your daughter is absolutely a doll! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Way to go on your projects! That's awesome. And yay for chocolate chip pancakes! I remember at TU eating a large amount of chocolate chip waffles (for dinner), sometimes I do it at home just for the memory...and it's true a little chocolate in the morning (or any time for that matter) does seem to make everything right in the world!

Catie said...

Way to go, creative mamajama! I totally think you should put those shirts on Etsy. they are really cute and look well done. I especially like the bird. If you make one that is for 3-6 month olds, I may just buy it for my neice!