Sunday, August 5, 2012

what did you do last night??

Lost power due to yet another storm. Got a generator because I love the Olympics that much. Had our carbon monoxide alarm go off at 12:30 am. Evacuated our house (even though we did get the alarm to stop) and went to my parents house. Tried to re-put to bed a four year old, a three year old and a six month old.

What did you do?

(I feel like the above summarizes life lately....wild and a little bizarre. I hope to be back soon but I am totally distracted in the evenings by watching the world's best athletes compete...but really with the Olympics on I doubt many of you are missing any blog posts by this little lady anyhow...lets be honest!!)

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KarenLee said...

Love this. The Olympics has totally changed us too. We'll go to bed early...after the Olympics are done. I'll clean up the toys every night...after the Olympics. I'll actually put away laundry...after the Olympics. Crazy indeed.