Sunday, August 26, 2012

DIY Party Decorations-The Puff

How to make your own decorative puff....perfect for parties!

1. Get a package of coffee filters (this is always the shape I use-but I am sure cone filters would work but might give a different effect). Purchase the cheapest ones you can find-it makes no difference here.
 2. Fill a bowl with a bit of water and your food coloring of choice. Fold all the coffee filters into fourths and place them down (rippled edge down) into the liquid. Let them sit for a minute.

3. Remove and gently squeeze out excess liquid from the filters and unfold them. Place them spread out across an open area to dry. (please be careful where you place them, in case your dye saturation is strong enough to color other things...this has never happened to me but I would not want it to happen to you!)

4. Once dried, fold them back into fourths and stack eight folder filters into an overlapping fan shape.

5. Sew a half circle at the base of the filters-making sure all of them are stitched in.
6. Slowly and gently unfold the filters as best you can and scrunch up the outside until you get a puff you like the looks of.
7. Decorate to your hearts content with them!!

 These bunched together look adorable as well...really the imagination is the limit here folks...ahhh the beauty of handmade items. What items do you love to hand make or appreciate when others do?


Mama Smith said...

So pretty and clever! Thanks for sharing the idea.

xo Lilly

Sarah Noel said...

I have always wondered how to do these! Thanks so much for a great tutorial! :)

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