Sunday, August 12, 2012


The other week I stumbled upon a garage sale that was filled with old school supply items. I have a thing for school supplies....especially old school just brings me back to elementary school. I purchased a number of things there like these three boxes of pastels.

**Sidenote: Why did packaging designs use to be so amazing and now kinda stink? (ie: These boxes compared to crayola boxes...ya know?)**

Anyway-I have been waiting for the perfect time to bust these babies out and let my oldest two have some fun smearing them all over a fresh sheet of paper. Boy did they enjoy these-new supplies have the same effect on them that they do on their mama....we are in real trouble when Belle goes to school for real!!

 And just in case you were wondering what my littlest one was up to....she was chilling on the ground, being her precious self!!
What school supplies can you never get enough of??


Angela said...

What a great find! I can't get enough of colored pencils and sketchbooks. We have boxes and boxes in our little wooden school trunk.

Mandy said...

I LOVE school supplies, makes me happy! I love pens and markers- cant get enough.

abby said...

Angela-I have a problem with collecting sketchbooks!!

Mandy-what kind of pens and markers??

Mandy said...

I love sharpies!! I also bug fan of crayola, And Pentex Pens. But really anything fun and new