Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Desk Shot

I love going on vacation....but often when the date is approaching I get a little OC about making lists. I love making lists on a daily basis so when any type of future planning comes up I go a little over the top. I mean lists about everything, everything, everything. We are planning on making our meals while we are away so I had to meal plan on top of all the other lists. know I love it.  So I thought in the midst of all this list making chaos I would give you a desk shot of all that is going on currently.
And yes-I do like to leave my desk laid out like this-it makes me feel calm when the lists all have space to breath. If you look closely you just might see a little something I am scheming up for the future (could be a few weeks, could be a few never know with me). 

How about have a great "desk" shot you would want to share-you know I would check it out!

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