Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BB Creams

I like makeup.
I like to know all about makeup products and the new items coming out. (no I do not buy them all or even most of them...I just like to know about them)
I like to find products that are easy to wear and give me the look I want with minimum effort.

I found BB creams a little over a year ago after hearing really good reviews about them online. I ordered two bottles of it and have been in love with them ever since! Currently BB creams are all the rage now-Maybelline even came out with one recently but up until a few months ago the only place I was aware of that was making BB creams was Korea. Korea has been producing BB creams for year and years. The product is amazing and once again proves that Korea kinda has an edge when it comes to skincare and cosmetics. I understand why the United States wants to try their hand at making BB creams and hopefully they will make some home runs-but sometimes the orginal is the best. I have not tried any of the new ones coming out so I have no opinion on them just in case you were wondering.

Now-I know you are wondering...what is a BB cream and why  is it so great?
the two I have-both BB creams, just different types of them

a small pump on my hand
once I have spread it just a bit...very light coverage (which is very buildable) and very mosturizing

A BB cream is somewhere between a primer, a sunscreen and a foundation. Yes-it does all three of those things and does them well. The bottle states it has a triple function...
1. whitening
2. uv protecting SPF 25 PA++
3. wrinkle free

It is suppose to create bright and elastic skin while reducing wrinkles. It only comes in one color and it is suppose to oxidize and match your skin's natural tone. I have found this to work for me, but I do have paler skin.

I like to use mine as a base and then I add Laura Mercier's mineral powder lightly over the top to set it. I love it. I love the finish it gives and the staying power as well as the freshness it adds to my face. It feels like I am simply putting on a face lotion in the morning in the lightness of the product and ease of application. Since morning makeup routines cannot take longer than 5 minutes when you have little ones, having a product I can slap all over my face and not pay too much attention to is fabulous!  An added bonus is that I can truly see my skin responding to the listed benefits. If you have never tried a BB cream before I recommend you give it a go. I found mine at an online store that shipped directly from Korea and I was very impressed with their service, pricing and product. If I can find the link I used I will include it in the comments.

one of my BB Creams even had an adorable (and great product) little lip and cheek cream on the top of it..I love it!!

mineral powder-I wear soft porcelain because I am quite pale

my favorite buffing face brush made by real techniques

Anyway-I thought it could be fun to bring a little makeup discussion to our daily chats.....anything you have tried that I need to??


KarenLee said...

Why is it that everything you mention here I want to buy?

What website did u buy them from? I've been feeling the need lately to find new makeup.

abby said...

I cannot find the link anywhere...sorry. The BB cream is called Skin79 in the pink bottle and it is my favorite of the two. You can look on amazon and should be able to find it. Sorry I cannot help more!