Thursday, August 9, 2012

major shoe score

to be worn for the rest of the Summer and many Summers to come
I love imagine my sheer amazment when I was able to purchase these four pairs of shoes for less than $50 in TOTAL (one of these shoes alone originally cost $74.99...just for perspective)!!! Insanity. Sale insanity!! I am delirious with really. Shoe score!
I love these with they can take me right into fall

Love wearing them barefoot and I will love them with some funky tights too!

Summer and fall...these will work for them all!
What scores have you found lately-everywhere I look is having some fantastic sale?!


Rachel Jones said...

WOW!! love them all

Steph said...

Fun! Where did you get them from?!

abby said...

the first pair is from Anthro and the others are all from Kohls:)

Anonymous said...

Love all your shoes! Especially the salt water flats. I have them in red. love it!

Angela said...

Super cute. That is a MAJOR score!

Mandy said...

My crappy feet are seriously jealous! So cute