Monday, August 6, 2012

dreams become reality...

I always have a list of "my dream buys" on my desk. When I see things I really really want but cannot current have (for whatever reason) I add it to my list. Somehow it helps. Well, these salt-water sandals have been on my list since the start of last Spring. But to pay around $45-$35 for a pair of sandals was a bit too much I thought...but I added it to the list....I would pay that if I could at some point. Then Anthropologie decided to make my day- today they went ON SALE for $19.95!! They will now be might want to check out their sale because something on your dream list just might be on sale these sandals (they have them in silver too).
sandals and image from here


Kacia said...

BOOOOOOOOO!!! THEY ONLY hAVE SIZE 6 LEFT!!!!! Harlow has saltwaters+ I've been pining for a pair!! ARALKJ F:LKSD GJ:LKGJ ;lkdajfl dskf slfds; fj

sad panda.

first world problem. post a pic of yours!!

did you order online? or in store?

abby said...

Try the purple...they have more sizes!! Quick!!

katielicht said...

20 bucks!! that's awesome.

hopefully this goodness makes up for all your weekend badness! new shoes usually do the trick for me.