Friday, May 18, 2012

what I drink: a chai latte

Right at about two in the afternoon I start to need something. A pick me up. I start to get the munchies and I want a little treat. If you are ever out shopping with me and I say I want a little treat it means, I want a starbucks drink and/or a scone. No guess work needed. Why don't I just say that then, rather than asking for a little treat? I do not know-perhaps it goes back to childhood when treats were always the highlight of my is a good word.

So, when I want a little treat I have a few choices.
1. I can load my three children into our van (and yes they are all in car seats and yes I have to strap them all in myself) and drive to Starbucks (which is only a mile away and is a drive-thru...yes this is a gift from God)
2. Ignore the desire and remind myself that I only WANT a treat I don't NEED a treat
3. Make myself something that fits my standard for the word treat (no-a granola bar, a yogurt, an apple or chips are not treats to me...sorry...they aren't)

What would you choose?? I think most of us can rule out number 1, unless it is one of those brave mothering days when the world is our oyster and packing the kiddos up sounds like a fun challenge. Number 2, some of you may do this. You are probably thin. I do not do this. I am not thin. So number 3 it is!! The treat as of late has been making myself a dirty chai latte. Now, if you do not like to have drinks from coffee shops then this phrase may have you thinking I speak another language. Fear not...I will break it down for you.

dirty: means you add a shot of espresso (espresso: the strength of a cup of coffee condensed into a shot glass serving size)
chai: a blend of spices and milk that taste like pumpkin pie, minus the pumpkin (some people, like my friend Daniel, make their chai from scratch. It is amazing and I plan to someday make it myself. In the meantime I use the pre-made concentrate from cost $5 for a box)
latte: milk that has been steamed, something added to it (usually a shot of espresso, but you could have a tea latte) and frothy milk to top it off

I get the ingredients out. Milk, chai, mug. Mix equal parts milk and chai and microwave for around one minute and forty seconds. Take one of the below utensils....
and whisk that milk until it is light and frothy on top. If you choose to stop here then you have a chai latte. But...I like to take it to the next level. I add a shot of espresso...
                          Then I have my treat...and my pick me up...and life is as it should be.

 Any favorite drinks you have?


Nuha said...

i've never had a chai latte, but this looks incredibly yummy!

Two Shopper Moms said...

I am laughing so loud right now! I drink a chai latte every single day. I would have to be strapped to an IV to miss it. I drink mine in the morning though (before the kids & my hubby are even conscious). AND I buy it from Starbucks. I tried to make my own but it just doesn't taste expensive enough (Ha! Ha!).

Two Shopper Moms said...

BTW - joined your blog since I consider other chai drinkers great company. Would love for you to join mine:


Bekah said...

That looks yummy! The coffee I made this morning was SO weak. (My fault for using the pot and not the French press). I'm sure a Starbucks run with the little one is in my future!