Sunday, May 20, 2012

French Market.

The French Market. ( details here ) How romantic does that sound, right??

How I pictured it: Me riding my bike there without a care in the world.  A beautiful scarf wrapping my hair up, big shades, wedged cork heels, a flowy skirt, and a basket. I would browse through all the fresh produce (I really did picture this scene  from Julie and Julia) picking it up and smelling it. I would vacillate between getting strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes or asparagus. Maybe I would get them all? I would look at all the flowers and probably buy a sweet little bunch of them to put on my fireplace mantel. The lemonade shake-up lady would be there and I would sip one of those babies down before I rode my bike home, daydreaming about what I would make with all my fresh goodness.

The reality: I drove my large silver van (no cute bike) and thinking that parking would be scarce I wisely committed to parking far away and walking. Parking was not scarce. Why was it not scarce? I got there a little late (read 1:00pm). Oh least I was not sweating. Or was I? Oh yes-I was...soaking through my shirt in fact. We started off our shopping adventure (we- my four year old and me) by looking at the produce. 5 seconds later we were finished. Not only was there about NOTHING left...but there were only about 6 booths in the whole place selling produce. Sad face. There were necklace ladies, pampered chef ladies, dog biscuit ladies, magnet ladies, felt flower hair bow ladies, ring ladies, crocheted handbag get the picture.  I wanted to shout. "This is a farmer's market!! Why are YOU here??" Then I remembered....this was a FRENCH market not a FARMER'S market. Hmmmmmm. Lame. The only redeeming part was when we came upon the Kernel Dan's Kettle Corn-he makes the best kettle corn in the whole world! Probably because he makes it in a real kettle with a giant wooden makes it magical. Love that stuff. We bought a bag to go and headed over to Starbucks. This time had to be rescued somehow. I mean I had only gotten 4 tomatoes and a bag of popcorn.
We sat down.
We ate some kettle corn.

 We people watched.

 I ordered a venti iced coffee with a little room, added some half-n-half and one equal packet...I audibly "mmmmmmm'd" when I took my first sip. Divine! Thank you Starbucks for once again saving the day!!
 Then we decided to do a little window and my little bean:) How adorable is she??
I want something cute to go in our downtown (Anthropologie are you reading this?? PLEASE!!!) But until then I will window shop and stumble upon things like a face mask in store windows...lovely...I will take 5.
And then off to home we went....and it really was a lovely time. Not what I expected, but a lovely time. I think it mostly had to do with my shopping buddy:) Love that girl!

Do you have a good farmer's market or french market? Was my main problem being late or should I shop elsewhere for fresh goods??


Kacia said...

Bummer!! We have a farmers' market in our neighborhood every friday, 3:30-7:30. I love the timing of it, but i'm not sold that the prices are better for everything .... but, I'm supporting small i go :) plus, it's just fun :)

and your shopping cutie? AH-DORABLE. She's seriously stunning, Abby!

Kendra said...

Maybe it's a bit early around here to really get the best of the French Market. Seeing how it's grown locally, not a ton is in harvest. (I know not much will be ready in our little garden until mid-summer.) When the Michigan sellers have their stuff, it is yummy! And yes, it may help to go a tad earlier as some shut down as the day wears on.

Super cute shopper you have with you!! :) What a fun Mommy-date.

KarenLee said...

Making me miss you and Wheaton!

Clara Turbay said...

What a beautiful pictures!

Chloe said...

The farmer's market down the street from my house is always good. Tons of fresh produce and flowers. You should come over and meet Emily and I one Saturday morning. We will all wear french looking skirts and hair scarves. Big Jackie O sunglasses. The people will think we're filming a music video. It'll be great.

Tina said...

My fist experience with a French market was in France. They seemed to have as many cute clothes and textiles as food available. And people shopped there because the prices were cheaper than the stores. I would rater go to garage sales than Wheaton's French market.