Tuesday, May 29, 2012

shopping buddy

I love to go grocery shopping because...
1. I am usually alone....just me, my thoughts and my cart
2. I am purchasing food I am excited to eat
3. I am inspired/excited by different foods and drinks
4. I am stocking up my house again (I love having options for meals-I am a mood based meal maker so options are my best friend)
5. I love shopping of almost (not car) any kind

Well, for some reason I decided to bring along my little bean. The other little bean did not get to go because he was having a REALLY hard time obey that evening!! We love disciplining don't we friends?

Isabelle and I had such a great time..grocery shopping! Children can make something as mundane as grocery shopping become a fascinating and funny date. I love that about children. Isabelle gets energized about things the same way I do, so when I get to watch her enjoy life I feel like I am enjoying it even more. As a mother, when your child is getting all jumpy-excited over a peach you kind of just want to stop the world and smile at her.

I also love that at this particular grocery store they have little kid carts. (How come everything becomes adorable when it is a smaller size??) My girl went and got herself one about 10 minutes into our shopping and then the child within the child came out of her. She smiled ear to ear the rest of the time.

                       Man I love that girl. Grocery shopping will never be the same without her!!


Sarah said...

I thought I was the only one who loved food shopping!

I wish I had a little sidekick to help me out, she is just adorable!

Sarah XxX

Angela said...

So cute. I wish all grocery stores had those little mini carts. What I hate are those ride in car carts. So hard to maneuver.