Sunday, May 27, 2012

perfect days....

Sometimes things all fall into place in the most perfect ways.
So far this weekend has been one of those times.
Here are a few snapshots of my doings.

Breakfast with my mom and sisters at my favorite breakfast place good!
Watching geese out by the water with my little beans.

Playing at the park with Daddy and Mimi and Pa's dog Margot.

Shopping in our cute little downtown area.

Looking at adorable things (that are out of my price range) that make me happy and make me think creatively about my own wardrobe.

Dressing room of my favorite store in the world...Anthropologie.
Eating out at one of our favorite restaurants.
My hubby and dad finding an amazing grill on the side of the road-that works perfectly!! Jackpot!!
A night sky that looks like this!

A Red Mango run with my so so good!!

I am still relishing all the good that happened this was yours? And the best part...Nate has tomorrow off there is still more good to come:) So happy!!


Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

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kisses :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics!!! thanks for sharing =D

Misha said...

What a nice weekend it seems, oh and the creative BBQ transporting solution is just so funny!

Emma @ Bake Sew Grow said...

That ice creams looks delcious, wish we had places like that here! :)