Saturday, May 12, 2012

Adventures, Creative Juice and Silly

Adventures, creativity, silliness....we had all of that and more this week!! What a delightful week it has been. This week would include one of my favorite days of my life so far-no joke. It has been amazing. A few photos in attempt to keep up with my planned schedule:):
A visit downtown Chicago....quite the adventure I would say! And really-if you have kids down there people stare at you like you are walking an endangered species!

Friday: creative juice
the mad dash to get things ready for our Handmade Open House

one of my completed stations at the sale

one of the beautiful rooms...full of buyers and sellers

I did makeup for our church's children's included putting beards on some of the kids and I was the only willing model to practice on. Why not capture the moment....bearded woman anyone??

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