Wednesday, May 16, 2012

adventures: a unicorn hunt

My oldest child is a lot like me. I won't go into all the details of why (right now) we are slight clones but if you know me at all you will understand how the "Abby" gene is coming through strong. Isabelle came to me yesterday with a page from an old book. She loves maps. (stop: when I said clone I kinda forgot that she loves maps and I hate maps...well not maps exactly more like directions, I hate directions....north, south they never really made sense to me...I guess she does have a bit of Nate in her)

"Mommy, where is the unicorn on the map? We need to find the unicorn!"

The unicorn eh? Hand me that map, I am great with maps so have no fear I can find a unicorn anywhere. Actually, finding a unicorn on the map is about as likely as me finding north, south, east or west....just joking...kinda. Anyhow, I glanced down at the map. And there (believe it or not) was an outline of what really and truly looked like a unicorn.
"There it is!!" I declared, stunned with the irony of a random book page having a map with a small outline of something that looked just like a unicorn! And the hunt began. And what else would a girl wear to hunt for unicorns but a fur vest and a sparkly blue number? And no smile....we are serious when we hunt for unicorns...I shutter to think what would happen if that long unicorn (or is it corn?? ) went straight through your chest!! Yes-best to be serious...well played Isabelle.
We hunted all over. Even outside. (Yes-she lost the fur WAS hot out and you do know how I feel about being in lots of clothing when hot...she really is like me!)

But then a batch of hot, crispy, soft-centered chocolate chip cookies (recipe here) started calling our names. Truth be told, it could have been whispering our names-we are pretty clued in to the ccc voice.

We threw in the towel on the unicorn hunt and lazily sprawled out in the backyard while nibbling our cookies. All in all, a pretty adventure packed afternoon.

                                     What adventures have you been up to lately?


Angela said...

So cute! We need an adventure, pronto!

Flair byBrandi said...

Aww! Love these pictures and what a great blog! Check out mine and let me know if you want to follow each other! Love finding blogs like yours : )