Monday, May 7, 2012

my new vision

So the trouble with my blog is that every time I come to write it I struggle with what to put. Do I want to include recipes, do I want to do stuff on fashion, should this be all about parenting.....and the debate goes on and on. Well, I think I have a solution. Every day of the week will contain a different "theme". I can then cover all the areas of interest to me and if a certain day of the week topic does not interest you-then don't read it on that day. Sounds straight-forward enough but now to see if I can actually stick to it:) Only time will tell. Here is the rough plan
Monday-here and there (photos)
Tuesday-on the catwalk (what we are wearing throughout the week)
Wednesday-what we ate (recipes and food pictures)
Thursday-adventures (places and things we have done)
Friday-creative juice (things we have made/drawn, etc)
Saturday-silly (whatever falls into that category)
Sunday-things I like

Hope to get things off with a bang tomorrow...since today I have already posted;)

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