Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sedum....say whaaaat?

Sedum. Do you know what that word means? Until Saturday I did not. And now not only do I know what it means...but I owned 8 of them.

noun: any fleshy plant belonging to the genus Sedum,  of the stonecropfamily, usually having small, overlapping leaves and yellow, white,or pink flowers.
  I chanced upon these plants at (wait for it) the library. Alright, it was the library plant sale-but still-probably not the first place you go to purchase plants right? Because I came so late in the day to the sale everything was half off and so well priced I almost high fived one of the librarians...not sure that would have gone so well. 

  Now, true confession...I am not exactly a gardener. I mean I get all excited when I am looking at plants and imagining myself having the best garden around...but when push comes to shove I am over the whole sit and sweat and tend your garden thing far too soon. That being said, I have successfully grown basil, tomatoes, jalapenos, and thyme-so don't judge me too harshly. (you real gardeners are laughing at me right now aren't you "ha ha those are the easiest plant to grow you amateur..try growing....(if I knew any other plants I would put their name in here, but like I said I am  not a gardner)" ) Anyway, here I am, me and my sparkly nails (OPI Designer-De Better) digging in the dirt and taking care of business the only way I know how, with the WHOLE family:)

In case you did not husband is a total hottie! Proof below. I love that man. So back off ladies-he's taken;)
Sweet Isabelle and Judah kept the dirt well watered the entire time!! Don't you miss those days when you could just strut around in your bathing suit in the front yard and no one thought twice about it, including yourself?
Sometimes the water did not get exactly where we were hoping...but you cannot win them all.
My sweetest little babe, sitting in the shade all nakey. Love that bald headed girl.

Yes, I wore a bandanna and pigtails. Sometimes I don't care....sometimes I try to guess which I was feeling on this particular day. Yes, people probably thought I was 12. (true story: the last time I did wear this look I went to a restaurant with my mom and brother and was offered a child's menu...for those who are 12 and under!!! I am almost 30 people!!) As I was rinsing off my hands I looked over and caught this adorable moment. Belle is so expressive that she could get Vera to smile just by holding up a rock. Sweethearts!
              And then we found this star garland in the garage...yard work with a star garland we are talking!!

If I had more star garland to share folks I would! Trust me when I say there is something quite empowering by having a little bit of sparkling bling wrapped around your head.


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wow nice pics! I wish i could have a garden too =)

Jelisaveta Đukanović said...

Nice photos. :)

Larissa T. said...

They're so cute!

Deanna said...

Good luck! I hope they grow and flourish.

XOXO, Deanna

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