Friday, January 30, 2009

Shoes-that are lovely

I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs...only to discover the above shoe. Oh my loveliness!! Then, after doing some of my own research I found the below ones-so if anyone wants to surprise me with something more lovely than Dorothy's ruby know where to go!! Enjoy the beauty-I sure am!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Cutest Clothes

In a dream world these are some of the things I would buy for my little Isabelle. I one day was at a garage sale and a woman approached me wanting to know if I would be interested in buying some higher scale clothing for my little girl. I am thinking Gap-that is higher scale clothing to me. But the woman has tons (like an entire huge moving box) full of name brands I have never heard of for children. I think the only one I truly had ever heard of was Olilly. The box was amazing. Clothing so adorable and unique I did not know they existed. She sold me the ENTIRE box for an amazing price. I looked up online and literally what I bought the whole box for (which included outfits, jackets, shoes, etc) was what one of the pairs of shoes cost....$80. Who spends that on baby shoes??!! Well....I can now say I understand the temptation. I love looking at the websites of some of the clothing brands I own now....merely for inspiration really-but on my they are so darn cute!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So we get to find out the sex of our second baby next week...and both of us cannot wait!! It is funny how different pregnancies can be from the first to the second. This one started out a lot easier (minus the whole progesterone and blood getting taken....) without near as much morning sickness and still tiring, but manageable. I am however starting to change my tune that this one is much easier than the last one and the reason being is that my stomach is already starting to feel so tight and uncomfortable. The babe seems to be sitting really really low that I swear when I finally go to deliver it will have been 100% effaced the entire time!! Before it seemed like the top of my stomach was stretching out-right below my chest area-well just a bit below that...but this time it is all below my belly button and boy is it tight!! I think too this babe will be bigger (as most second babies are) but it would not be hard to do since Isabelle only weighted 6.6 pounds at birth.

I do enjoy being pregnant for the most part. It is so strange and wonderful carrying a little human in your tummy. I seem to know a trillion people that are pregnant right now as well-and it is always interesting to see just how differently all of us women carry our babes. Nate was a darling and bought me a baby heart monitor so that I can hear the baby's heartbeat whenever I want to. Having gone through a miscarriage I think it has made me just a bit more paranoid-so it is wonderful whenever I am having a creeping fear for any reason to just pull out the monitor and hear that lovely little beat going crazy!! Nate thinks of everything!! I love him!

I just spent this cold afternoon painting and sewing in the basement. I love to do it-even when results are not always what I wish them to be. Anyhow....that is all for now. Much love...

High Point: Isabelle not only sleeping in until 9:45 (she usually wakes up at 8:15) but her also taking about a two hour nap!! I was so productive.
Low Point: The dry/chap layer on my lips....they seriously are peeling off an entire layer as I write!! Yikes!