Monday, July 28, 2014

The nightly normal

I wash my face every single night. I have to or I just don't feel right. These are a few of the products that I use the most during my nightly routine.

I like to start with this Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil. I put two pumps in my hands and rub it all over my face. Many times I will give my face a good massage with it to get the blood flowing and to soften up my skin. It is excellent for removing make-up so I will wipe my eyelids and face off with a tissue at the end of my application. I have found it very helpful for clearing up dirty pores and giving the face that "just worked out" (in a good way) glow. I would have never thought an oil would be such a useful product, but Bobbi Brown constant surprises me with her line.

After I have applied the oil I give my skin a cleansing with Purity by Philosophy, my hands down favorite face cleanser. I have posted about this product before and I cannot imagine ever using another facial cleanser in its place.
I dry my face off and apply two pumps of Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. This product has a velvet feel to it and a slight burning sensation when applied. I like that aspect of it because I know something is happening. I saw quick results after using for the first time months ago and have been pleased with it since. I do plan on exploring more of Kiehl's skincare line when I run out of this because every sample I have ever used from them has impressed me.

I finish my nightly skincare routine the same way I started it, with an oil. This time I use Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I tried this product in a sample size and not only loved the smell of it as well as the feel but I was visibly impressed with the state of my skin the morning after I used it. It is especially lovely during the winter months when skin is so dry and tired looking, but I use it year round. Two drops will cover my whole face and leave me feeling well moisturized and ready for my night.

Face oils, serums and moisturizers are an area I am not too well steeped in even though I find great interest in them. Many of the products I purchase I discovered by word of mouth or asking people with beautiful skin what they use. I also am a sample junkie and many times have discovered my holy grail items that way. To me a reliable review of an item is far more likely to convince me to purchase something than anything else. Soooo, if you have any items you cannot live without please share what they are!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blueberry Muffins

Recipe here.

Vera and I share the same feelings when it comes to eating blueberry muffins. Open wide and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Current Favorite: Pens

I feel about pens (no not your every day ball point pen) how most people feel about candy, or chocolate. It never seems as if I could have enough and each new option tempts me with its' unknown qualities. I enjoy taking notes, writing letters, drawing, filling in my calendar (yes I use a paper one, no I am not 100 years old) and anything else I can think of with my assortment of pens. Having kids has not helped with this addiction but rather has caused it to escalate. Kids need fun pens too right?Stabilo pens are my new favorite. I love how the tip is thin and holds up after hours of writing without becoming flimsy and wilted. Their color options are varied enough and the price point at my art store is reasonable.

Any new pens I should be adding to my collection? Have you tried these?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mini-Series: My Favorite Spot: Meagan Lindsay Shuptar

It is such a treasure to have friends that are creative, talented and fun-loving. Meagan Lindsay Shuptar is one of those treasures. Meg and her husband Jon have three adorable (and I do mean adorable) children. Meagan works and owns her own photography business along with being mama to her three little babes. As a photographer her ability to capture moments in time has a simplicity and power of composition that is captivating.  If you aren't already following her on Instagram you might want to rectify that as soon as you can. When I thought of doing this mini-series Meg was one of the first people I thought of asking to contribute. As usual she did not disappoint.

The question: What is your favorite spot(s) in your home?

The walls! I like I get creative with little collages of art, frames, and decor...and one huge reason I love the walls is that they are often the cleanest spot in my house haha. Posters are by Mini & Maximus, the square painting of the woman is by Lady Noel Designs, and the frames etc are pieces from thrifting as well as some vintage things from my grandparents. 

Check out Meagan's photography blog at

Follow her on Instagram: @mlindsayshuptar

Monday, July 21, 2014

My daily face

I've been needing to get out the door in a hurry this week which means I have a total of 5-10 minutes for hair and makeup. This has been my go to as of late. my face some needed defintion

MAC paintpot in Groundwork, put this all over my eyelid and a bit on my browbone

great neutral little pallet

Using a MAC 219 brush I cover my lid and crease with the darker browns, highlight under my eyebrow with the lights and line my eye on top only with the brown and black

few coats of mascara

the smallest dab of this goes a long long way-I use it to cover any under eye darkness

a pea-sized amount will cover all the areas I want to even out and is super easy since I apply it with my hands

best bronzer ever

swipe on the cheeks, nose and chin

blush-my favorite makeup item, just on the cheeks

love this stuff-spray all over my face and it gives a nice dewy finish while making the makeup last longer
apply straight from the tube and then blot down with my finger (color is Sheer Mandarin)

best shot I could get of the finished get the idea:)