Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Forts...the theme this week

we have made a number of forts this week-Isabelle calls them kitty houses (not sure why)...here are just two I have captured on camera within the last few days

Truth be told, I think Nate likes the forts more than anyone....and that kinda makes me love him even more:)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

These People Make Me Happy!!

what they do when I say smile-personalities in a nutshell...I adore them!!

my love.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bottoms Up

Loved this moment in my night.

Hope you are enjoying moments in your life right now.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Some of my favorite memories...

When I was little I can clearly recall my mother letting me use a little makeup pallet of hers. I would sit at the sink-right next to her and play with "my makeup" while she would put on hers. It was and always will be one of my favorite times with my mom. Today I had a sudden urge to have that same moment...but this time as the mother not the child. I got out a little pallet for Belle and mirror and watched as her face lit up! Then I sat and soaked in her having fun with "her makeup". No, I don't think little kids should wear makeup out and about-like adult women do. Yes, I do think little girls should be able to play and dress up and have fun. Here a few snaps I took of the fun moment.

                                           Hope you let yourself delight in something today!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

smile moment

Isabelle is walking her fake dog on wheels. I asked her what his name is.....she replied "Sneaky Coconut." I love that girl!

so far today....

so far today i
1. made breakfast for two kids (who barely ate any of it)
2. washed my face and did a funny  side pony tail
3. got kids dressed-changed judah's diaper
4. read a pile of books
5. did the laundry
6. went shopping at gymboree and bath and body works-with both kids alone:) brave-YES
7. had lunch with nate in the car with the kids (subway sandwiches)
8. made lunch for kiddos
9. put judah down for nap
10. folded clothing and put it away
11. removed tags and put away new clothing
12. made tea-and sat and drank it while blogging:)
outfit number two of the day-she told me she was going to dance class in her room-which she did do

a few of Judah's favorite books (lions and bears are his favorites...and dogs!!)

outfit #3....she is busy playing shop here

thought you might want to see what I wore shopping (clearly I was not planning on shopping today-but it was too much work to look normal...what can you do?) **note also the crazy side pony tail (told you) 

Monday, January 10, 2011

What I REALLY Need

What I really need is Jesus. His word-washing over me-making everything new and beautiful in His time. I need His strength, His patience, His love.....I need Him filling  up all of me that lacks so much. I pray that as this new year starts you are filling yourselves up with what you REALLY need! I have been letting myself get too dry and it was so refreshing to drink deeply and richly of Him today. So good.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dance Class

Isabelle attended her first dance class today-she was shy and quiet....that is till they busted out the butterfly wings and she then became the dancing queen!! (no joke) Later I asked Isabelle if we could take a picture to document her first time going to dance class....pictures below.
this would be the pose of choice...seeing that she did it twice when I asked her to smile-identically twice yes (and yes that is the cupcake from Clancy's house...she still is carrying it everywhere)

she had cute black pants on earlier-but man is she rocking those nude ones.....look at that dancer arm!     

The first time I went to ballet class-I peed my pants (no it was not a common practice for me-if you want the real long story ask me sometime in person) and never went back to it or my tap class. Too bad...I know I would have been the next shirley temple!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Playdate Success

Isabelle setting up her cupcake and special card we had just made...princess with her name on it...typical
Isabelle went to her first playdate that I did not stay at today. Now, she goes to church nursery and hangs out with other kiddos quite often....but this was her first big girl, invited by phone to another girl's house. So cute! She did great and shockingly enough "did not talk the whole time" as the mother said. Hilarious. If you know Isabelle in the comfort of her home the girl is constantly talking (yes even now in the background shouting something about birthday cake). I love that she gets all quite...what a goof. Anyhow-when she left they let her bring home a fun little cupcake toy (she promised she would return it later) and a box of little conversation hearts! Such fun. Pictures below documenting my big girls day out-had I thought of it (and not been embarrassed at being "that mom" I would have snapped a few of her and her friend Clancy (adorable name...yes!) )
My little Belle with her beloved cupcake from Clancy

just so you can clearly see that she has a great deal of her mommy in her-already making faces for the camera...this is what she did when I said to smile:)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have so many people in my life that either have adopted or are in the process of adoption. I love seeing the beauty of the way God hand picks and forms a family that He knew would exist since the beginning of time.....I love it. My darling friend Kelly is raising money for their upcoming adoption and I wanted to give you all the option of helping her/her family out with this beautiful journey. She is selling ADORABLE t-shirts and coffee (hello yes coffee) on her blog. Make sure and check it out from the link below..........


Feel free to spread the word to others you know that might want something like this themselves:)

On another note-have I mentioned I adore winter?? I DO!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Obsession!!

Tea....I adore it. South African Rooibos with honey. OH MY!!!

adorable mug from anthro-on sale now!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year and my favorite laundry!

I know some people delete these pictures upon sight....I post them on my blog...cheers to starting the new year off cross-eyed!
Happy New Year!!! 2011....what it shall bring we do not know....but I am glad I am starting the year with my sweet little family!!
me and my love
the best laundry ever

I just love that Isabelle out of the blue gave a thumbs up! Love those babes!

nate might be in the process of shutting his eyes-but the kiddos were just so darn cute i had to