Friday, September 23, 2011


 My children have been OBSESSED with dogs as of late. I mean insanely obsessed!! We have so many stuffed dogs around our house it sometimes is hilarious. Isabelle will tuck them in at night and they are the first things she grabs in the morning-like even before she really is conscious. But, on a lovely note...the kids have been playing so well together. I love love love it. I just sit back and watch them entertain one another and play for hours at a time. There is fighting to be sure-but man or man is there love!
this was their Pirate Ship-so I was told


5 months

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have been on Nate for about 2 weeks to cut his big toe's toenail. It is not insanely long (do not be too grossed out) but long enough that it bothers me. Daily. He has since cut it-but before he had done so Isabelle was drawing a picture of daddy. I asked her what the long lines were coming from his feet, she replied, "his toenails". I died laughing and quickly found Nate to recount the story. He was equally amused.....and ended up cutting his nails recently after:) Below is the said picture by the beautiful and talented miss Belle.

Monday, September 12, 2011 last!

We finally went on vacation this past week and it was heavenly!! We stayed up at my uncle's house right on Glen Lake in Glen Arbor, Michigan. His little cottage backs right up to the water and he graciously let us use his many boats, fishing equipment and jet skis. It was my dream vacation-water, boats, fishing, family, and amazing food. My mom and dad (and sister ruth for two days only:( ) came too-which only added to the greatness!! Here are just a few shots from the trip. The only slight downer was that being 5 months pregnant I could not participate in some of the activities (ie: water skiing and tubing) but I certainly survived;)

Isabelle did not enjoy tubing

can you guess if he did??

my little love boy

my daring little Belle going out in the water

busy throwing every single rock he found into the lake


jumping on the water trampoline with the little ones

fishing...and pregnant:)

riding the "nay-nay"

one of our many coloring sessions


big girl


my man and babes

me and the littles

she loved going fishing!!

snuggles on the boat ride back home
I love vacation....but I love my home even more and am glad to be back:)