Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One of the perks of being a mom (to Isabelle)

So Isabelle suddenly demanded that she wanted her pants off. Since I saw no good reason to not let her-I aided her in removing them. The next thing I know she walks into the room I am sitting in with this outfit on. These are the moments when I laugh-(which she knows I will do) and thank the Lord for my little girl!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Strange...but I like it!!

So, everyone probably has something strange they like. Now I am not talking a strange food combo, or strange music or anything like that....I am taking a strange beauty product that you just cannot help but like. Well mine is.....dark dark nailpolish. The stuff that looks like you are wearing black-but if you look closer you can really tell you are wearing a dark purple or brown. Currently as I type this my nails are a dark dark purple...more maroon. I cannot help but staring at my nails all the time. Now, maybe I like them because they are so not something I would wear. (I usually have a french done on my nails:) ) Or maybe because the contrast is so startling due to my pale skin. Who knows-but I love them. It might be like having an alter ego that comes out in forms of my nails.

Going along with that-and maybe even encouraged by that...the other day I did a smokey eye. Not just a little black eyeliner smudge...I mean the whole nine yards!! I strangly loved it-but knew I had not the guts to bring it out in society yet. Then...guess what happened. Three of my friends (Erin, Jessica, and Kate) all came over. I did not have time to wipe it off...and there I was...still wearing my sweatpants and gym shirt with a smokey eye. I felt foolish at first-but they affirmed me that it was not so strange and actually was rather a nice look. I (sadly) did wash it off before Nate saw-but I promised him I would do it again soon. (Somehow I feel like he will really like it-but I could be wrong) I like this new world of branching out and trying things that are not really "me". Maybe it is the pregnancy getting to me-and I need something new an different because my body is doing a zillion new and different things every day!! (I am 32 weeks at this point for those that aren't tracking my growth;)) Anyway-share with me some strange things you love...and look out because I just might try them too!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Best Kept Secret!!!!

I just found the most amazing and addicting web site yet!! It is called
This website has reviews on make-up, board discussions, etc. However, the BEST thing it has on it is what is called their SWAP. You can list any make-up you have that you no longer want...and people that are interested in it will offer to swap you something they have for it. Now tons of people have brand new stuff on there-because it came in a packaged deal and they already have it, or the color is not to their liking....you get the idea. It is perfection!! You can contact people that have stuff you want and ask if they would exchange it for something off of your list.

I have already made two swaps....I had a Dolce and Gabbana perfume I never used. I swapped it for Bobbi Brown (my fav) eyeshadows in Nude, Grey and one in the longwear cream color Stone. I then swapped this Stila Contouring Palette I receive (for free for doing a blog on Stila make-up) but never use because I do not like contouring my face. I am getting for it a Bobbi Brown lip brush, shadow brush, concealer brush, Burts Bees marshmallow vanishing cream, Burts Bees almond milk beeswax hand cream, and a freebie (she just threw in) of a cream eyeshadow in mink!! How great is that!! I am getting rid of stuff I never use and getting things I really want in exchange. And all you have to do is pay shipping!! Unreal!! Please check this site out-it is amazing. My username is Colorme, in case you want to check my page out. Let me know if you have questions, comments or you start doing this....please trust me though-it is addicting!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things for a baby

Alright....since I know about 10 million that either just had a new babe or are soon to, I am going to write out my top picks or forget buying it for a baby. Things you need or should get...and the things you should skip. Now keep in mind this is all based solely on my opinion and so much has to do with what your babe likes or does not....but anyhow-for what it is worth.

My first suggestion...rather than getting burp clothes buy a pack of cloth diapers and use those. Not only are they much cheaper for the amount you get-they seem to hold more liquid (think about just how much liquid they are really meant to hold and you get the idea:))

Second, do not get a diaper genie. I have been in far too many places that actually stink horribly due to the diaper genie.....even though the whole claim is you get the smell away. Just have a garbage can out your back door and whenever you change a diaper...pitch it out there. Saves money, space and most importantly smell!

Third, do not waste your money on those "made to swaddle" swaddling blankets. They do not work better than a regular blankie folded in the triangle format-and they are so ridiculously complicated to work.

Fourth, one of the best things ever for a nursing mother are these things called Lily Pads. My sister in law Karen told me about them and I fell in love. They are what you want to use when you are going out in a more fitted shirt....or are wearing just a nicer outfit and you do not want the lumpy cotton pads showing through your shirt. The Lily Pads are these suction type things...( I will not go into crazy detail of how to "apply") but they seal your breast from leaking milk and make a smooth surface to your chest. I should add however....you only want to wear these for a few hours because your milk is all building up inside you-which makes you very firm and milk kinda pours out when taking them off. But, if you are aware of this they are wonderful to have on hand!

Fifth, I heard that everyone needed a thing called My Brest Friend. A pillow that straps around you and is suppose to help with nursing. (a boppy is the same idea) I used it...and really it was not that great at all. I think the sooner you learn to nurse your babe by just holding him or her-the better. Who wants to have to tote this pillow with you everywhere...or to have 50 pillows all staked around you to nurse. It is not that hard ladies to just nurse while holding them....trust me. However, at the start almost everyone uses pillows....so just use the ones you already have-don't waste money! http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2609108

Sixth, I think everyone should have a Snugli (a cheaper version of a Baby Bjorn). They are perfect for getting stuff done around the house while still having your babe with you. I do not think you need to spend all the money to get a high end one-the Snugli worked wonderfully. However, registries are a wonderful thing and if you have loved ones that are willing to pay for them....get what you like. Also-almost every time I go to a resale shop they have a used BaBjorn...get one there!

Seventh, a bouncer chair. This is wonderful for when you want to have your baby with you in a room without a crib...but do not want to lay them on the floor. I used mine all the time. I would place it on the bed with me and just stare and talk with little Isabelle while she sat in it.

Eighth, baby mobiles are kinda overrated. I feel like we all buy them because they are cute and kinda go with the picture of what we see in a nursury...but I found that usually when you lay your babe down you want them to go to sleep-not be stimulated by this swirling thing. I would say that this one has more to do with the fact that Isabelle never really go into hers...and for that reason it seemed a waste. I am sure there are babes out there who love them.

Ninth, I bought a huge diaper bag....I am someone that not only loves bags..but loves huge bags. I know not all of you are like that.....however for those of you who are like that may I make a suggestion for packing your bag. I would buy one large plastic container of wipes-and keep it forever in your bag. I keep mine on its side...and when it runs low on wipes I simply refill it with the refillable wipes you can buy. This not only saves me from constantly running out of wipes...but also from needing to have little nic-nak storage things for the few wipes I bring. I also can hold about 7 diapers at a time in my bag-which is lovely.


Tenth, I feel like changing tables are not needed. Now, again, if you have one and love it-great!! I just never got one and change my daughter on the ground or on a couch and it works perfectly. I have everything I need for a changing in my diaper bag-so I just grab that before I get to work. I found at resturants and stores (where they have changing tables) it was super tricky for me to grab stuff with one hand while holding Isabelle with my other. But again, different strokes for different folks.

Eleventh, something I did not get but wish I had. Those snuggly little coverings you place over your carseat. During cold months I would wrap Isabelle in blankets that usually would drag on the ground or constantly slip off....I wish I had something as easy as a big covering I could just zip right up around her face. Maybe with this one I will get one!

Twelveth, I buy (and have since Isabelle was born) green tea and cucumber baby wipes. I love the way they smell and I do not love the way "normal" baby powder scented wipes smell. They are a bit more expensive...but to me they make the changing experience more enjoyable....so if you have a little bit of splurge money I would use it on them! (sidenote: if you want to save money on wipes just get a big roll of paper towels....wet lightly and have in a zip lock bag.....use as you would a normal wipe)

Alright....that is all for now. I am sure I will think of more things-but until then...enjoy. Oh...please if you have things you love or hate (or tips) please share them!! I love to hear other people's thoughts and creativity!! Thanks.