Monday, February 28, 2011

I love

I am hoping to have every monday a post of things I love.
laughing with judah

Isabelle's artwork-I ADORE it (yes both pictures are done by her)

chubby legs that run and run and run
I will at least meet this goal once-today:)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A-makin A-pizza (said with a strong Italian accent)

kneading the dough (oh little Judah)

I love this baby girl

mister funny pants himself

the white pizza I wish I had to eat right now!!
I love cooking with my kids-I love how they surprise me with how good they are at doing things in the kitchen. I love that they run to get a chair the moment they think I might be making something. I love that they love the process of cooking/baking as much as their mama does.  Here are a few shots of the White Chicken Pizza we made this was to DIE for!!

Friday, February 18, 2011 heals you

Sickness has been going around in our house (Judah was just diagnosed with a double ear infection today poor little guy!!) and we have found something that actually truly keeps sickness at bay. Tea. South African Rooibos to be precise....mine with a little honey added. Nate use to drink this stuff religiously and we marveled at how he was not getting sick. For whatever reason, he had stopped drinking it daily....and he got sick. The other night we had a revelation that indeed he had stopped drinking the tea...he started and (I KID YOU NOT) he was better in two days!! What in the world??!! Tea my friends. Tea.

Tea is not only extremely comforting-it is just plain fun. Possibly because I love pretend-and when drinking tea from a teacup you can so easily pretend you are English....or fancy pancy...or something fun. Here are a few shots of my little clan enjoying our tea before Nate got home-here's to fingers crossed that it heals the rest of us (well that and the medication Judah is now taking;))
our tea of choice

Judah "smiling"

Belle smiling

bottoms up

sipping our tea

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Heart Valentine's Day

I adore Valentine's Day!! I think I always have-and NO I have not had a boyfriend for every single one of my lifetime(and HOLY MOLY I still enjoyed it....shock indeed!!!).

Which leads me to my next soapbox-I mean point. Why do people hate this holiday SO much??? I mean, the way I see it, we have a day to show people in our lives that we LOVE them!! How great is that? I don't care if it is commercialized(what is not these days)-so just don't spend money-just love on people!!

Anyway-I love this holiday and I love doing fun little lovey dovey things all day long with my kids, my husband, whoever wants love. Hope yours was beautiful too...and if you are one of those people that hate Valentine's Day....I am sorry. I think you miss out.
heart sugar cookies of course

teaching Isabelle how to frost-she was pretty good

V-Day card from G&G Clark

my little Valentine with some of her gifts

love her

Isabelle took this picture-not too shabby huh?
                               Happy Valentine's Day-We love because He first loved us!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The kids

They make me laugh...just check out this sequence of events I captured while they were mixing up some pancake batter.
giddy...totally amused with one another

they were pretty amused with the fact that they can shut their eyes to make funny faces

now for my favorite....who even knows??
                        All that to say-I love them and their sweet little faces!!! (I have no idea where they get it from;))

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We got a goldfish...kinda

Isabelle has been wanting a goldfish so finally I caved  and took her to a pet store to select her fish. However, the Betta fish were much more appealing ( shelf life is usually longer than one day with them) and the sweet little bluish purple one caught my eye. So Isabelle selected one sweet little guy and home we took it. She is crazy in love!! Seriously she sat talking to it and about it for an hour straight. The next morning all she wanted to do was go see "Nemo" as she named it (original I know). It is really fun and sweet to see her so excited about a little fish. Here are a few photos of right after we got it home.

Monday, February 7, 2011


 So I am sure you all now we had a huge snowstorm.....which (due to a wind tunnel) formed about four feet deep drifts in our backyard!! I was pumped...I dressed the kids (sweating to death while I did it) and went outside. Fail, fail, fail. Judah felt this way about the snow (below picture) and only was happy if being held. However, holding a child, in a snowsuit, in thigh deep snow is very tiring!! Oh well...we tried.

not thrilled

happy little bundle

making Valentines inside

giving me one "winning" smile

Mr Judah made the mess you see behind him...typical. Why do  I ever pick things up??
I love winter.