Friday, June 27, 2008

Some Fun Things

Flowers from Nate

My garden...real organized huh:)

Picture update...
This is a pile of things I got at a garage sale...I cannot wait to see what comes of them:)

Great find by mom...I glazed right passed it-but she let me get it:)

Glitter...for when you need a little glitter in your life

Some of my current workings...we shall see.

Morton and a Massage

This morning my sister Emily called to see if I wanted to go with her and her kiddos to Morton Arboretum (sp). Now let me just be honest here and tell you that I am not the kind of girl that loves to wander around in a garden-beautiful park. The only appeal of that to me would be if I was dressed in an outfit from Sense and Sensibility and could speak with a British accent and pretend to be filmed. But walking where bugs are biting and sweat is dripping all in the name of nature is just not really me. Add water, a boat, sand to the equation and you have me...but not without it.

Well, for some strange reason today I decided I would go with her. Who knows why, maybe just because I love my sister and her kids that much:) So Isabelle and I packed up the car and met her there. I was to be with Emily and see the kids. Fun to see how incredibly much stuff they have there-and fun to see how much fun the little ones were having. (yes I did just use fun three times in one sentence)

Parts of my favorite moments were the other kids that were there with their parents or (as the majority were) a daycare with their leaders. I must have passed with one woman three times and every time I did one of her little boys (cutest little curly haired black boy ever) was doing something that was causing him to cry and freak out. Finally she just turned to me and said, "Out of control...he is!"

I love the bonding that happens with people when they are dealing with small lose your sanity and can only keep it by saying great one liners to other parents.

We then went to a pond area where kids can watch these frogs in the water-and all of the sudden a little freckle faced boy is laying down entirely in the water. Laughing, while his mother calls from the sidelines for him to get up and come over there (very effective....NOPE) The women there crack me up. You know the types you always see....I have 6 kids and no self-respect, I think I am a super model and this child is just an accessory, I think my child is the world and I am documenting every moment. I saw them all there-and wonder what others would categorize me as. Clearly not the supermodel...since I was greasy and in a holey black shirt....I had but one child (unless they took Emily's kids as mine and then I could have been in that group. Anyway.....we had fun! Emily is great and amazes me with her energy to entertain them all and love on them all and do it really well! She rocks motherhood!

After that event I came home and put Isabelle down for a napper....only to find out that our ENTIRE family is going on a last minute vacation to Michigan. I love that my whole family is random and impulsive like that. I mean, my parents, my sister ruth, my brother james, his wife, their baby, my sister emily, her husband and there 5 kids and Nate and me with our babe....that is a LOT of people to all be able to make last minute plans that work like we have been planning since Christmas. I truly cannot cannot wait!! We leave tomorrow after Jessica Dennis's Shower-it will be such a blast. My family is seriously amazing and I cannot imagine a better time then all of us being together, near water for a whole set of days! Thank you Lord for letting us all be able to bend our lives in such a way that it worked!

After that upper of a newsflash I was thrilled to pieces and soaked in the tub while reading Julie and Julia. Good book so far...we shall see. You know writers that love they are writers-that is kinda how I feel this one is. But to each their own. I would love to bake a ton of goodies for the ride down there....but we will see if that turns into reality. Well after my lovely soak-Nate came home to watch Isabelle while I went and got one of my 5 massages that Nate gave me for mothers day. (I told you he is amazing!!) This was my second experience and it was even better than my first (which was great!) The woman (her name is Judy in case you ever go to the Wheaton Massage) was perfect! Her hands were the warmest and softest things ever and my body was soooo in the mode of getting a massage. It made me feel relaxed and beautiful (who knows what it is in a massage that makes one feel so beautiful, or maybe it is just me that feels that way...but you just leave feeling on top of the world.) So here I am on top of the world and letting you all know it. If I do make some treats tonight I will get photos and let you all see....but please...if you are reading this and have any good treats for me to try let them be heard!
High Point: Impromptu vacation with the whole family starting tomorrow...yes please!! But I must say the massage was not bad at all:)
Low Point: Isabelle was a bit constipated and yes I did help pull from her rear end something that should have been in her diaper...the joys of motherhood-however there was something very satisfying in helping out with it...literally

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stole This:)

I will start out by saying that I stole this recipe from another blogger's site. The link to the site is listed below. I could not help myself though when I read it....I want these right now!! How yummy. Soon I will post my own things that I have created, but until then let us all try this one. What a beautiful morning this would make it:)

Great blog listed below of where both the recipe and the picture came from.


The Recipe~

(Makes about 8 medium sized scones)

1 3/4 C flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
1/3 C white sugar
pinch salt
5 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut into 1/2" chunks
1/2 C orange juice
1/4 c sour cream
1 egg
1 teaspoon milk
Zest of 1 orange


1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F/200 degrees C

2. Sift the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt into a large bowl. Add the butter using a pastry tool or your hands, until the mixture is crumbly and there are still pea-sized lumps of butter visible. Stir in the orange zest. Mix together 1/2 cup orange juice and sour cream in a measuring cup. Pour all at once into the dry ingredients, and stir gently just until blended. Do not over-do the blending.

3. With floured hands, pat scone dough into balls 2 to 3 inches across, depending on what size you want. Place onto a greased baking sheet, and flatten lightly. Whisk together the egg and 1 tablespoon of milk. Brush the tops of the scones with the egg wash. Let them rest for about 10 minutes.

4. Bake for around 12 minutes in the preheated oven, until the tops are just golden brown. Transfer to rack to cool.

5. Once cool, you can leave them be or glaze them as I did. To make the glaze, I combined about 1/2 orange juice, the zest of 1 orange, and about 1/2 an orange cut into small chunks. I simmered the mixture lightly for about 10 minutes, and then took it off the heat and allowed to cool. Once cool, add confectioner's sugar until it reaches a good glazing consistency, and stir til' smooth.

6. Squirrel away any that remain in a tightly sealed container at room temperature.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just get up and do it!

You know when you have things that just hang over your head...not like sick things like cleaning or laundry. Things like...well why don't I just use my example to explain. I have this drawer thing that we have had since our condo. The previous owner of our condo just left it in our garage. We had been using it for nic nacks in the garage (light bulbs, levels, tools, etc) but have kept it. Well our new bedroom needs a dresser...a little one and it just seems like it would be perfect. It is old and kinda gross-but then it hit me. All those cutesy things I see at the antique stores or shabby chic stores were all pieces of nastiness before someone took them and made them cute-why can't I do that? So today....I got up and did it.

I took some paint, put little Isabelle in her bouncy saucer and out we went to the garage to paint it. It looks pretty good so far...I have more plans for it...but for now it is looking good! So it motivates me to think...why can't I do that myself...that is my new slogan. For the most part everything is not that hard it just takes confidence. So here is my encouragement to you ladies....just get up and do it!

So beside painting that drawer thing I had quite the day I guess. Isabelle rose early so we played for quite a bit. She was adorable as usual. I really cannot get enough of that girl. Then she was having a hissy fit (she is teething and I think that really makes her sad and ouchy mouthed) so we went for a drive. We picked up Nate and ate at this breakfast place called the Red Apple. You can imagine how cheesy the decor is:) But the food is great and they are really sweet there and it is RIGHT by Nate's office. So we go there quite often. Isabelle is happy the moment there are people around she can stare at. The girl is 8 months old and already a people person and people watcher (what a mini-me) I usually am a salty person...eggs, bacon, potatoes...but for some reason today I needed Chocolate Chip Pancakes. What a little kid am I? They were perfection. I swear the moment one bite went into my mouth all was right with the world again. (The top of the pancakes is covered with chocolate chips that are totally melted but still in their "chip" for...heaven!) It was amazing!

Then Isabelle and I went to this resale shop called Twice is Nice. I found some fun toys there for her and some fun fabric for sewing was a fun little trip. We went home and I started sewing. I have no discovered that I can make those cute little baby onesies with something sewn on the front. I have done a bird (my favorite) and a heart. The little man's tie that I tried does not look like a tie...rather an exclamation point. So if you know someone in the market for an exclamation point shirt/onesie let me know. I would love to get good enough at them to sell them on etsy...but that could be a long time coming. I also sewed this change purse type thing. It is cute. I think I will take some pictures and post them- I am all for the visual.

Anyhow...after that Nate was home and we went to Panera for dinner. So good...bacon turkey bravo is all I have to say. If you have never gotten it GET IT! You will not be disappointed I promise. Then we went to the library and got some movies and books. Then my parents came over and we all chatted before making a trip to the local ice cream shop for yummy cones. I got double dark bitter chip...(chocolate ice cream with bitter chocolate chunks in it...can you see a theme of chocolate in my life right now:)) Nate and I drove with my parent's there and then walked with the stroller home. Cute little Isabelle fell right asleep on the walk...she is such a darling. And now we are home and going to be getting in bed soon. But no that does not mean sleeping. Nate and I love to just laugh and be immature once in bed-who knows what brings it out when we are laying down...but something does. Loves to all and more to come later. I think I want to start posting recipes and fun things like that-in hopes that people will comment on them and even leave their own fun stuff for me to try. You all have no idea how much I love reading every one's comments on here-really it is just my attempt to get more people to leave comments:)

High Point: That first bite of Chocolate Chip Pancake with hot coffee to wash it down. Really eating that with Isabelle to my left and Nate across from me made a lot of things right.
Low Point: When Isabelle was having a complete meltdown...and my sanity was quickly slipping away....teething...thank goodness I do not remember that time of my life!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Married Two Years....LOVE IT!

Since today marks the two year anniversary of me and my wonderful Nate's marriage I am in quite the wonderful mood! He is taking off the whole afternoon to come and play with me and Isabelle...and then tonight my sweet parents are not only watching Isabelle while we go out to dinner-they also are paying for it as a gift to us. They really are the best!
This is where we have decided to go to dinner tonight. It is called The White Chocolate Grille. There menu is amazing....desserts are listed first:) I have been there twice and have not been disappointed. Let me tell you if you go get either the white chocolate brownie (a no brainer...but it is unbelievably sweet-I could not handle having it all unless there was a large espresso helping me wash it down) and the apple dessert. I am not a huge...yeah I love apples in dessert...but really this is a deep fried donut like thing with apple flavor and caramel drizzled all over...get it!

So that is the plan for tonight. Who knows what fun we will have today. I love Nate so much and let me take a few moments to tell you all why.
1. Nate loves the Lord...loves who the Lord has made him to be...loves how the Lord has changed his life...loves how the Lord meets his every need
2. Nate is the kindest person I have EVER met. Now keep in mind I live with him and we have never been apart! (true fact: since the day we got married we have not spent one day apart from each other...may scare you but we LOVE it!!) To be able to say that he is the kindest really is saying a lot. He never gets angry, never looses his temper, never is mean-spirited. He is kind! It is beautiful.
3. Nate is so organized and good at being a MAN. He takes care of so much of our house stuff (payments, mantinence, grass mowing, issues) and knows how to do everything. I mean the man seems like he came from the womb knowing how to fix any problem. The other day the drying we freaking out...I mention it and what do I know but Nate has taken apart the drying (gotten eletricuted, and cut) and fixed the problem. He just knows how to be that part of a man-I love it!
4. Nate is a lover. No, I am not going to go into the wonderful things of Nate being MY lover...I am just going to say that Nate is someone who loves well. He loves deeply and he shows it with selfless acts always. I feel like he never tires of serving me and is always looking for opportunities to serve me. Almost once a week Nate will truly ask me "Abby, how can I love you better?" I mean...I am so blessed to get this one!
5. Nate is a goofball. When we first married I would say I was the one that was craziest and silliest...little did I know that I would rub off on Nate in an outrageous way. He is soooooo FUN! We lay in bed so many times at night and just laugh at our immature play. He really has the best comic timing and knows just what will tickle my funny bone. He physically never minds making a fool of himself if a good laugh will follow-I love it. He lets me be a goof too and there are few things that will bring a couple closer than laughing together often.
6. Nate is the most beautiful father. I will not write much here because for some reason this always gets me it is now. But Nate loves our little girl, cares for her, protects her and delights in her the way every little girl (and mother) would dream!
7. Nate makes me feel beautiful and desired every time we are together. I know that Nate finds me stunning and lovely (and ladies I am not one of the women that really is both of those things all the time...he just only has eyes for me) because he pours over me compliments and attention. He vocalizes every day that he wants to have time with JUST ME where he can just sit and talk with me. I never feel ignored, or unattractive, or boring-he brings out the things I love about myself because he loves those things about me well.

Now I could go on and on....but already I think I have gushed a bit too much. I cannot help myself when it comes to Nate. He is that amazing!

Now, back to my day. So after a rather long night of Isabelle getting up constantly (yesterday was her cousin Ann's 1st birthday party and Isabelle ate cake, went swimming, partied hard...that might have something to do with it) I commited to getting up at 7:00. Isabelle helped me make a yummy latte...(skim milk, double shot, splenda and cinnamon on top)

and then she went down for her nap around 10:30. Things are so quiet when she is sleeping. Nice break always-but if I had to choose I would have her sweet little voice chirping all day. She has started to say "Ma..." and sometimes "MaMa" when she sees me or wants me. I cannot help myself I love that girl. This morning as I was looking in the mirror at us I decided it would be a good idea to post pictures of the everyday. Not just the blog worthy photos (you know what I mean, where you look cute and thin) but the ugly ones too. So I have posted some, this is me this morning when I roll out of bed to take care of Isabelle. (in complete fairness I will let you know that some nights I wear a very cute nightgown to bed...this just was not one of the nights:))

Well, now that those pictures have been posted and everyone is wondering how in the world does she still have dignity and self-esteem....I will just let you is fun to show the real you. Oh, one last thing I wanted to post was a great little piece of furniture Nate and I got at this antique place down the road. We LOVE IT and have it in our office so I get to stare at it whenever I blog and it makes me HAPPY!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pictures of headbands and studio

Some of the headbands.....and my awesome furniture find and "art studio" (fine...I had to put one of the little girl too...I could not help myself:))

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This morning started out with Isabelle getting up at 6 am. She simply wanted to be in bed with me and Nate and was quite entertaining when she finally arrived. Though my eyes were far from being wide open....she is such a crack-up and there is something really sweet about a baby, your husband and you being in a large white bed so early in the morning that birds are hear outside the window.

I was so tired though because the night before we had stayed out pretty late with mom and dad seward...playing tennis. (more to come on that) and I had a starbucks drink that was NOT decaf. I rolled around in bed for hours for it. So needless to say I was overjoyed when Isabelle went back to sleep once Nate left for work. She got up about an hour later...but an hour is still an hour.

So tennis last night. Now I have played tennis about three times in my life (including last night) it was such a blast. Why is there something so satisfying about smashing a tennis ball. It makes such a lovely noise. The only humiliating thing was that at the court directly next to us were a pair of guys who I swear were auditioning for Wimbledon.(however you spell that high end tennis match thingy) And far far too often we had to crawl over to their court to retrieve one of our pathetically wailed out of court balls. Finally, after about an hour of them being there they decided to move to a court farther away...mumbling something about how the light was better down there....right guys! Anyhow it was such a blast!!!! I love tennis, even if I have no idea what it means to play well and that the only way I use the term love while on the court is to talk to Nate.

The rest of today was nice. I had a lovely lunch with Nate and Isabelle at Egg Harbor...really the best! And decided while out that I wanted new headbands. I think women in headbands always look trendy or artsy or somewhere lovely in between....and besides the fact that I no longer shower everyday and far too often pull my hair back...a headband was a great option. I decided (since Isabelle was down for a nap) to try to make my own. About 6 headbands later I was thrilled with at least half of them. How is that for being domestic. Now keep in mind they are nothing to brag about....but yeah I wore one in public!

After the headbands I went for a nice long walk (cause the weather was perfection today) with Isabelle and talked on the phone with Rachel Cuthbert. I love that girl and am convinced that when she and her husband are out here for Jessica's wedding I will convince them to move down the road. It would be wonderful!

I poked around looking at other people's blogs and daydreaming that I actually knew how to do stuff on a computer and that I could turn my blog into something amazing...but the reality set in when I could only change the color of my homepage. with envy of other people's blogs. But have no husband is a computer genius and I might just have him teach me a thing or two.

Anyhow..we ended the night with Qdoba (vegetarian burrito for me...NOT because I am a vegetarian...I would die....but because I LOVE guca!!) we watched a murder mystery, returned stuff to the starbucks (decaf) and went for a walk outside. It was lovely. I love my little family!

High Point: Discovering that I can indeed make headbands and fiddle de dee with sewing patterns I can teach myself (though it would be something to brag about if I ever could get through a whole sewing pattern....THAT will be the day)
Low Point: Having to get up 5 times last night because Isabelle kept waking up. Who knows why....must have been the caffeine her mama gave her;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My art studio

So I was going on a walk the other day and passed this house that had stuff on the curb. I am shameless about taking things from people's is the most wonderful thing finding something for free that you love!! My house is full of things I have found at the curb. Well, on this day I saw this long white topped, cabinet sort of thing. That night...Nate and my dad went and picked it up and brought it to our downstairs. So today, with Isabelle on my hip I re-arranged our downstairs. It looks like an art studio and from now on I just might refer to it as that:) It is perfection and makes me love my life and Nate all the more for having it. (Nate because he sweetly agreed that it was perfect...though I think if he were a bachelor the thought of owning it would have never crossed his mind)

Anyhow-with the new art studio I was inspired and added a few more things to my esty site.

Hope you like the stuff...and honestly I want everyone who is reading this to create their own etsy shop....everyone of you is created and talented and I know I would LOVE to see what you create!

Loves to you all
High Point: The realization that my basement now looks like a dream art studio:)
Low Point: Cramps...after over a year without them having them back makes me recall why I hate them....makes one want to be pregnant again!

Monday, June 16, 2008


The need to create

I have discovered in myself the need to create. And not just create for the purpose of creating...which is quite enjoyable...but rather I love having a goal. The goal can be made up or real....makes no difference, but having a goal is somehow more satisfying for me. Right now I am doing all of this stuff on

Both are so fun to do and so exciting for me to daydream about adding to. I just love to create. Sometimes I wonder just what would happen if one of my shops ever really did take off? Would I freak out and quit? Would I rise to the challenge and commit to making money? Who knows...and at the rate of things I do not have to worry about it. But something to think on at least.

Today has been good...Isabelle slept in until 9! This has been a new development...she wakes up to feed around 6 and then goes back down till 9. It is wonderful...except then she is no longer needing her morning nap. So I am adjusting. Parenting is great because just when you get a rythnm they change everything up on you:) Nate came and took Little Belle and me to Egg Harbor...delicious as usual. I sip my to go cup of coffee while I write this. I LOVE getting the coffee to go. It is like having a memento of my favorite resturant with me the rest of the day. Rarely do I drink all the coffee I have brought with me...but today I just might:) Carrie Barnes (ahhh!! not barnes she is a Potts now!!) and I had a phone date today for her lunch break. I walked throughout the neighborhood with Isabelle chatting with her about marriage and adjustments. She needs to move closer and that is just the fact of the matter!

I then came home and played around on Etsy (it is true I am an addict!) and then I went downstairs and painted some birds for what I hope will turn into my niece Ann's birthday present. Karen and James asked me to paint some cute bird pictures for her nursery....but it has been a lot harder than I would have thought it would have been to make. I am doing what I can though and today was a good day for the art! I love that God lets us be creative and made us to be that way! Yesterday He was showing off His stuff when He did the evening clouds! OH MY WORD but they were lovely! It looked like a solar eclipse...but rather then the moon passing in front of the sun it was a cloud. It really was glorious and just makes me smile and say...Dang Lord, You get art and you ROCK IT! He is awesome!:)

Well, that is the update for today...I want to start adding more pictures to my blog so lets see if that goal holds up. If anyone has requests about things they want me to talk about besides my everyday PLEASE let me I said at the start...I love doing things with a goal in mind and it would be a goal if someone asked something specific. Love to all.
High Point: I say eating at Egg Harbor with Nate and Isabelle like every other day...but truly when the food and company are that good how can I not?
Low Point: Isabelle falling from her standing position (with the aid of a chair) face down to the floor...poor little peanut has quite the bruise!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Why I love my Family

So today started out great....Nate surprised me and told me he would be staying home this whole morning with me:) The reason behind this being I must ask him every other day to stay home with me (I love him that much alright) or to go out to breakfast with me. So today HE DID! We went to eat at Egglectic, which to be honest is just not my favorite....nothing compares to Egg Harbor...nothing! Anyhow, we enjoyed our breakfast eating eggs, drinking coffee and feeding Isabelle pancakes:) She really is the cutest. Then we were off to some garage sales. No purchases that would rock the world...but I like what I got. Then Nate journeyed off to work and I went to my mom's house.

My sister in law Karen is staying there right now since they just sold their house and have not bought a new one yet. My brother James lives there too obviously but he just left today for Vietnam to do some teaching for 10 Karen and her baby Ann are alone. She and I loaded up the babies and drove to Geneva for the best place in the world ANTHROPOLOGIE!! I cannot ever get enough of that shop. After us both striking gold..and needing to for the price tag on things there-we both left with a bag full of new clothes. It felt good!

We got home, watched a bit of the foodnetwork and then Nate was done with work. We ran to Portillos and grabbed dinner which we brought home and ate. Chopped salad for me with no pasta extra cheese!! YUM. Then we went to Mom and Dad's again and played a round of Up and Down the River. I think we have played this with them the last few weekends...but tonight we got to add Karen which was QUITE fun! Everyone gets ridiculously goofy when we play-which makes it sooo wonderful. Mom won, me second, Nate third, Karen fourth, Dad (shockingly and totally unlike himself) in last.

We then played the game you bet people they cannot do things or that you could outdo them in an activity...for example dad started with "I can do 3 push-ups" and Nate and I bid up to him until it bid on 24 push ups. (Mom and Karen declared they cannot even do one, so they were out of the bid) Therefore I proved, to the impressed faces of those men that I can indeed do 24 push ups! It was a wonderful night....I love my family!
High Point: Nate staying home with me this morning while Isabelle stayed asleep until (record breaking) 9:30am!!
Low Point: Upon seeing my outfit in the huge beautiful mirrors at Anthro I realized two things...maybe three 1. the shirt was too small I was wearing 2. the shorts were grossly wrinkled that I was wearing 3. I looked huge in what I was wearing....low point that I quickly rectified by buying cute clothes that do not look like painted on black patterned tattoo shirts!

Thursday, June 12, 2008 me

Isabelle is a sweaty little peanut....literally her head is soaked 70% of the time. Now, if you know me at all you know that I too am pretty sweaty...but activities such as eating and sleeping do not usually get me wet-unlike her. I think she gets some of if from Nate...but oh dear if she already sweats that much wait until she hits puberty. Today is a hot day and we are both sweating. I spent the morning going out to breakfast/lunch with Nate to my favorite Egg Harbor. Cheese omelette with a side of sour cream and bottomless coffee. Sitting and eating that across from Nate and Isabelle really is a dream morning. He spoils me. I love that feeling of being known at the places you eat. For some strange reason it gives me a feeling of belonging when I come into a resturant and I do not have to open my mouth to order-they just know what I want. Why? Who knows-but I love it.

I wish I knew how to sew better...actually I take that back. I wish I had more time to do all that I want artistically. I am not complaining keep in mind because really I spend a few hours a day doing what I want in the art department of my house-but to be really trained in it would be amazing.

I need more cute lounging mom clothes. I have this skin tight pair of capri grey leggins-which do not look so bad I must admit...but I really think I have worn them for about 5 days now:( I love clothes-but feel like I never want to waste a cute outfit on just sitting around the house with Isabelle. That is why I need cute loungy clothes that make me look cute even if it is just little Belle and me.

I am thrilled with progress...I am now 5 pounds away from what I weight before I had Isabelle. Not bad for a girl that gained 69 pounds while pregnant:) No shame...everyone has a baby differently and DON'T YOU FORGET IT LADIES!!! and gentlemen for that matter. But if feels good to be in my old body again. It just was getting too foreign to feel like it was not my body anymore. I think the running has helped even mentally to feel like myself. I do not know how people that have accidents or are going through recovery and cannot physically do what they use to survive. It was interesting to discover just how much of what we are able to do physically defines who we see ourselves as. I do not mean entirely that is where my identity comes from-but I mean before I had Isa I could run a good amount (a ran a mini-marathan ya know) and then afterwards it was like murder to try to get it all moving. So I feel alive and refreshed when I can let my body do what it is use to being able to do. With all that said I am finished with this blog....but thanks to my readers-you know I love you all...and I love comments!!
High Point:Going out to Egg Harbor with Nate and Isabelle this morning...the coffee was especially delicious because I had deprived myself until then:)
Low Point: Molly-Grace's addresses she wanted done...not the most fun or efficient project

Friday, June 6, 2008

What a crazy set of days. I fail at being consistent with posting-but not a big deal I am sure since none of you live and die by my posting. If any of you do please let me know so I can make sure and sustain life for you. So recently I have gotten back into running-my wonderful Nate stays home and plays with Isabelle while I run until my face is neon red and I am sweating through every article of clothing I own. This does not mean I run for miles on end...that state of appearance would probably mean I have run about 3 miles. I love remains me of Taylor and how I would run so often there and just run things through in my mind and get out frustrations by slamming my feet on the pavement.

For me there is something so connecting to God when I run. I feel like every verse that applies to the great race...running till the finish...they all come to mind and often bring me to tears. I was running up this hill at the end of my run, struggling to breath and I just felt God reminding me that there are seasons in life when you are running uphill and what seems like the end of a marathon and you cannot even breath or figure out how to put one foot in front of the other-and He is present and He provides. I love running too because it makes me giddy at points (nauseous at others mind you) but yes outright giddy! I could have been seen skipping ridiculously high the other day down President. I have to hold back smiling so big that motorist stare...but sometimes I cannot resist! I think having my ipod playing only aids in the joy.

Today I am watching Hayden Deese and little Isabelle. This is my second day of doing this and I just want to say bless them both for taking naps at the same time. No I am not sitting up here typing while they both wail away in the basement. I should do a bit more right now rather then typing my life out-but sometimes the keyboard just feels soo good beneath my fingers..I have no idea why?!
High Point: Pepper jack cheese, running, Nate's martial art kicks that made me laugh without breath
Low Point: Having a broken cell phone that the store cannot replace the battery until 5 days later-sweet when all you have is a cell phone and it is broken!