Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Just enjoying some of my presents while both my kiddos are napping.....and an added bonus...the Lord decided to have snow drifting down right outside my desk!

I totally forgot I use to do these all the time...I need to get back to it!
High Point: sitting and reading 1Corinthians1 while the Lord gently convicted and refreshed my soul!
Low Point: Isabelle knocking over her new "Belle"sippy glass which was full of lemonade and water....(this was of course in the bathroom...a normal spot to be drinking right?!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This is how I too feel on Christmas Morning....oh Isabelle my little girl-we share so much in common!
My little boy.....joyful as always...he really just loved the wrapping paper.

Adorable....a little girl in pink...opening a pile of presents...on Christmas

Singing Christmas Songs with my she is with her cousin sweet right?!
After the most amazing Christmas dinner(and brunch and lunch and treats...all made by my mom..who truly is the most amazing and generous cook there is!!)-sporting our music crowns. We all got little horns and numbers at our plates and after dinner did a musical performance that had us all laughing so hard we could barely breath!!

Christmas is my Savior was born and He has changed my life forever!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Homemade Marshmallows!! Delicious!!

We decided to make marshmallows yesterday. I have done this feat before, but never with two kiddos we set out to begin the exciting was delightful. Isabelle entertained herself cleaning items in the sink, while Judah happily sat gnawing on his fingers and his little Sophie giraffe. The marshmallows were a glorious mess-and today turned into a glorious treat!! There is nothing in the whole wide world like homemade marshmallows! Truly if you have even an inkling to try them DO IT! They make coffee and hot chocolate beyond amazing-and they are the perfect little packaged gift to give away.

I got the recipe here:

Are you salivating yet?? Seriously this could be included in the images at the start of Willy Wonka!!! Something so pretty about shiny white goodness!!

Slicing out one little marshmallow for a treat-tell me this does not look like a winter wonderland itself:)
Paired with my morning espresso......unreal!
Enjoy....and PLEASE let me know if you make them!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Hobby Alert

So my sister Emily invited us girls to this amazing little spot called "Esther's Place". We learned felting there-what is felting you may ask. Come let me show you:)

You start with this.....and then after a bit you get..........


We made adorable nativity scenes while there-I made the Joseph, baby Jesus, and lamb-and then did a few alterations to Mary. Aren't they so fun!? Amazing that just poking raw dyed wool with a little needle makes these fun characters-crazy! I love it!

I had to buy a bit of wool for my own projects that I was inspired to make. You can see one of them-a sweet little birdy.

I am trying to brainstorm cute little things I can make for Christmas-any ideas?? Merry, merry to you!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas How I love Thee

I adore Christmas time and all the wonderful blessings it brings. How appropriate that the time of year we celebrate Christ's birth (the most amazing thing for our lives good-salvation) is filled with joy and happiness!! I plan on (cross your fingers) posting some fun blogs related to Christmas-so this is just a toe in the water of what I hope to do-but here is a sneak peek of something I am making for my two little kids. I am not an expert embroiderer....not even close. But I love the "handmade" look of it-and what it will forever say to my beloved children.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Playing in the Snow

Being in the snow brings out the child in makes me giddy and silly and so so so happy! I declared to my husband Nate that I could never live anywhere warm year round. (this statement was made while I was deliriously prancing about in our backyard) I seriously would go into depression......I would much rather live somewhere cold year round than warm...I know I am weird.

We had the most delicious fire last night.....and enjoyed giving one another neck massages (why are necks always so dang tight??) before we near passed out in bed. It was a delight. But of course, any good fire needs good firewood-so here are a few pictures of me and sweet Isabelle gathering wood. (Don't mind my amazing is my pajamas:) I had better things to do that day than get dressed....right?!)

What is your favorite thing to do while it snows?? Or what do you do if you don't get snow where you live??

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Winter Dream

Now that we have officially had our first snow....let me show you what I dream of doing in our front lawn!

I have talked with Nate about it-and he is game. So once there is enough to get to work I hope we shall:)

Enjoy the lovely lovely snow....and if you have none....sorry.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving in Pictures

the star....the most beautiful turkey

my loves reading the beautiful program my dad makes every year
the prayer.....and the lovely table spread!

one of the amazing "treats" nate and I gave to the family.....I love how we all get into it:)

football outside with grandpa and nate
my little running girl....every shot was blurring......she was having the time of her life

football stars
dad taking the kiddos out to burn a little energy