Thursday, May 17, 2012

cliff notes of our day

I will now sum up my day yesterday.....
tired little boy joined me in bed

we all snuggled until it felt like we should be getting up

Isabelle was not present at the snuggle-fest...she was sleeping. This is AFTER she woke up...mornings are not her thing:)

breakfast with the little beans
checking emails, facebook, and some blogs

the kids glued to McGee and Me (Twister and Shout...a real thriller let me tell you)
making a cake for our high-school friend Paul's birthday
they rock at baking
finished product...well baked anyway

finished product-and no things did not go as planned with the decorating...also notice the crack in the cake at the upper left side...that was also not planned
playing drive thru out in our backyard...a wonderful game

mister cutie pie ordering two cookies at the drive thru...always two kind of man!
me and the babe soaking up all that vitamin D (which is good since I never gave her the vitamin D drops her pediatrician recommend...tell no one!!)

I even have earrings on today....and it would be the ONE day Nate cannot come home for lunch...figures.
this face captures the spirit she must have been feeling when she and Judah colored on the wall and Vera's face...remind me to skip making lunch when they are in that mood!!

off to teach Zumba....and really just wanting to take a nap instead was wonderful...and no I do not think this is an attractive photo of me...but let's be honest, it is what I look like after I workout
and now it is time for be....goodnight.


Angela said...

Your little teacups and ceramic bowls are so cute. So are you.

mandii said...

love this post and seeing all the little doo dads & details of your life. what a cute idea! also love the post zumba pic. looks like a good workout to me!

Kacia said...