Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the problem with a smart phone

Soooo since my hubby bought me a smart phone (yes I did have a phone we purchased at like Walgreens before that:)) I have been using it non-stop. Sounds great right? Well it is...until I am no longer using my camera to take photos. This means that I am not posting pictures to my blog. Now-your solution is probably simple...use your phone to take photos for the blog. Good idea!! Once I learn how to do that I will. Until then I will leave you with this story.

The other night it was late. All the children were we thought. Suddenly we hear singing. Nate goes upstairs to check (we had been watching Chopped...or some other fun cooking show on Hulu) and came down laughing. Judah (my 2 year old) was laying naked on his bed, lights turned on in his room, his sunglasses on...singing Pippilongstocking at the top of his lungs.

I love parenting:)