Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dessert first

Today there was something in the air. A sneaky, fabulous breeze blowing....being so delicious that you were tricked into believing that it was Friday the whole day. Well, what can you do with a day like that? You get to dinner time and realize...drats it is only Thursday!

Well, we decided to take care of business our way....if it is only Thursday...well guess what-we are gonna eat ice cream before we eat take that Thursday evening! And all that kept playing in my mind was the phrase, "ice cream, ice cream, ice cream" so we had it.

I think few things are as adorable as little kids in ice cream parlors. I mean, if we are honest, ice cream parlors make us all feel giddy like a child. Rows of ice cream choices, flavors unlimited....I get smiley just thinking on it. So when I saw my little beans getting squirrely about a scoop of cold cream, my night was almost as fantastic as Friday nights are. Mission accomplished and all because we ate dessert first.

 And then Judah's cone started really dripping. Which was troubling to him, but no matter how many times you tried to tell him he needed to lick it fast-he just couldn't do it.
 So Nate helped him out....which made Judah think that his ice cream was being eating by someone other than himself....which made him have a meltdown. One. Huge. Meltdown.
                                                 At least we had dinner to look forward to;)


the cuthberts said...

1. i love that you did this
2. i love that bell got pink ice cream
3. seeing vera eating the ice cream reminded me of when you gave isabelle milk way before her first bday.
4. your two oldest are almost the same size...i love.
5. was the melt down in public? because those are the best.

Shizzy said...

aww such a cute blog!
found you on hrh collection
wold you like to follow each other on GFC?

abby said...

I figure a little milk here and there cannot kill them (well at least it didn't Isabelle...luckily I was not giving it to her to drink...but don't put it past me:))

yes the meltdown was in public. a single couple watched and I knew we added a good 3 years to their "we are ready to have kids" planning:) can't win them all!

Angela said...

Is that that adorable vintage jumper from Megan's table at the open house on Vera!?

abby said...

Angela-yes!! I love it!!!

jorjiapeach said...

happy campers! ice cream makes anyone a happy camper!

Anonymous said...

awww beautiful pics!!! ice cream is THE BEST ;)

WearAbouts said...

II LOOOVEE HAAVING DESSERT first!!!! :) Just found your blog--i'm a new GFC follower! Your kids are so cuute <3
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Anonymous said...

Fun! Thanks for posting. So, what did you have for dinner? :)
Alta Johnson

lisa signorini said...

I checked your blog and I like it so much!
Visit my fashion blog and if you want we can follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin!!
I'm waiting for u!
Have a great Saturday!

abby said...

Alta-we ate hamburgers that night...with cheddar cheese and grilled good!!