Monday, May 21, 2012

AG is the brand for me

Color denim. What does it make you think of? The 80's and a fashion statement you would rather keep an arm's length from or some adorable and hip clothing catalog that makes your mouth water at every single colored pair of denim your eyes see? I think I go back and forth between these two extremes. Though due to my height and my lower half ( I have always had strong thighs:)) color denim just did not seem in the cards for me.

I. Was. Wrong.

Let me introduce you to my new BFF!! They are called "The Stevie Ankle-slim straight ankle".
drooling here

Find the pants and the source of these three images here

Mine hit me lower on the leg... I am 5'3" and since the ones I got are not white they look looser (in a good way) on me.

I seriously smile when I think about them and honestly am plotting how I can get one in every color of the rainbow (too early to ask for birthday presents if I was born in November??).

 If you have never tried them on before and you live near an Anthropologie store, go try them on and then you can thank me. If you cannot drive to an Anthro store then let me describe them for you.
 They feel as soft as pajamas but have that good stretch (so they hold you in but don't push you out...ya know what I mean??) and hit both short people (myself) and tall people in a flattering way. These were probably the pants featured in the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling know the movie where these girls, all different heights and sizes, all share one pair of pants and all look amazing in them...really it was these!!

Anyway, the tough to swallow news is this-they cost $158. (don't hate me I did not make the price!!!) But, the easier to swallow news ( though I still wish it was easier than this to swallow-Anthro price makers are you reading this??) is that they are on sale right now for $99.95. And truth be told, they are worth it. I told Nate today that they would be worth the $158 to me...they are that fantastic.

 I did have a little gift card to use there and therefore only had to spend a bit of my own money on them...but I would have really spent the whole amount. That is the danger of trying on things-you fall so deeply in love that you cannot walk away. Good thing I rarely go shopping at the store itself. Somehow online is easier to walk away from....probably because I can always just say to myself "They wouldn't look like that on me" and put an end to my pinning.

Oh well. I own them and I am already plotting all the ways I hope to wear them. PLEASE let me know if you have an article of clothing you feel this way about...or if you have ever tried these pants and what you think of them?? I really am so so curious!!

And for reference I got the burnt red color...I don't see it available online though....gotta get yourself to a store ladies! For real.


Angela said...

Cute. I've been thinking about taking the plunge into colored denim. Something I haven't done since 1984. Thanks for the review.

Kristen said...

We need a picture of them on YOU! Love you mama!

KarenLee said...

Yes, we definitely need a picture of you in them. That might convince me even more to pay $100 for pants.

abby said...

I added a photo of me in them to the blog...check it out:)

Shannon said...

I love AG as well. I think it's worth it to spend a little more for jeans that fit well and are flattering. I love your jeans! The color is gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

Love the jeans!

xo Jennifer

emily said...

i've always liked the fit of AGs, though I've only ever managed to buy them with gift cards (I'm afraid I'm not above paying loads of money for a pair good jeans, but I've lately liked Madewell's $98 rail straights, which feels a little more manageable). I was eyeing those yellow polka dot skinnies, but looks like they're gone, now that I might consider them more seriously!

kim said...

AG stevies are literally the only pants i wear! i have 2 washes of denim, some corduroys, yellow, red, and grey. SO comfy! glad someone else shares my affinity for Stevie :)