Thursday, July 31, 2014

Plants, your decorating friend

   I use to think plants were for outside only. This thought might have stemmed from the fact that every time I had a flowering plant it died days after coming in my front door no matter how much or little I watered it. It might have come from the strange fear I have of having living things (besides children)that require attention and upkeep. I do not know where it came from but I am glad that belief has been debunked.

   About a year ago I remember asking my husband if I could go to Home Depot and purchase a large number of house plants. My darling husband rarely says no to me when I ask for things (please know I don't often ask for things....truly) so he suspiciously said yes and asked me, "How much is a large number of house plants?" The man knows me too well.  Off I went. I had almost as much fun that day shopping for house plants as I would shopping at Anthropologie. Home I came, trunked filled with greenery that had me daydreaming where I would place it in our home. 

   I instantly learned two things as I experimented with my load of plants. One, everything looks good with a pop of green on it. And two, height variation adds visual interest. Even with the large number of plants I purchased I found myself struggling to decided just where each of them should go. They looked good everywhere. In the end it helped that a few of my rooms are for small children and the thought of having plants sitting in dirt just waiting to be knocked over eliminated some of the desire to have them in there. If you have never tried to have a plant in your house before I highly encourage you to give it a go! The price point of plants is reasonably cheap, I'm talking $2-15 dollars each. Add in the bonus that it cleans the air and you are doing yourself a major favor. Here are some of the places I have used plants to decorate inside my home. Enjoy.

Just looking at these pictures makes ME want to go get more plants. Hmmmmm. Plotting.

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The O'Donnell family said...

Great post, Abby! I'm feeling inspired to go buy more plants!!!