Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Current Favorite: Pens

I feel about pens (no not your every day ball point pen) how most people feel about candy, or chocolate. It never seems as if I could have enough and each new option tempts me with its' unknown qualities. I enjoy taking notes, writing letters, drawing, filling in my calendar (yes I use a paper one, no I am not 100 years old) and anything else I can think of with my assortment of pens. Having kids has not helped with this addiction but rather has caused it to escalate. Kids need fun pens too right?Stabilo pens are my new favorite. I love how the tip is thin and holds up after hours of writing without becoming flimsy and wilted. Their color options are varied enough and the price point at my art store is reasonable.

Any new pens I should be adding to my collection? Have you tried these?

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