Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A little more structure coming your way

   Lately I find myself needing a little more inspiration when it comes to blogging. I so admire and enjoy when bloggers give new content and images day after day. It can be hard work to think through what would be enjoyable to share when my window of time varies so much day to day. (not to mention my motivation) I could fill post upon post with images of my babes but I know that probably gets old to some of you and offers me very little in the creative realm, which is one of the reasons I started blogging forever ago. Therefore, I have decided a little bit of structure might be just what I need. (This from the woman who is about to have her forth child...ha!!)  My new plan focuses on different areas of personal interest depending on the day. Hold not my feet to the fire if things get a little hairy every now and then for I am a fickle person when it comes to starting projects....all or nothing depending on the day.

 Here is my current plan.....fingers crossed it will happen.

Mondays:Make-up/ Nails
Tuesday: Nothing
Wednesday: Current Favorites
Thursday: Creating/Home Décor
Friday: Kiddos
Saturday: Wild Card ( I need a little freedom!)
Sunday: Cooking/Food/ Drinks


Kacia said...

i can't wait!!! just remember: always include grace into the mix :) grace upon grace upon grace :) xoxoxo!

Blomgrens said...


Mandy said...

Your hair looks great :)