Monday, September 10, 2012

the race

I ran the Chicago Half Marathon on Sunday....which means today I am walking like I have straight leg disease whenever I go down the stairs. Every time I run I tell myself..."Make sure you stretch really well at the end of the race!!".....and every time I decide that checking race results, walking around aimlessly and just sitting there is a better choice. Ugh. Just the thought of kneeling on the ground makes my thighs ache.

 But hey....everything else besides my body feels good:)

I wanted to give you a few highlights from the race-real ones, not just "I am a champion, running rockstar and it was a breeze" type highlights....because you all know THAT isn't true!

1. I wanted to finish the race in under 2:15. Why that time? I chose it because it was the slowest time I have ever run the half in and it was right after I had my son.  I needed to be faster than a 2 month postpartum version of myself (even if I am currently 8 months postpartum with my daughter) I would have LOVED to finish under 2:00 but I finished in 2:03, which tied my pr from 2006. I liked that.
2. I wanted to quit so so so so badly at mile 11. I reminded myself of when I was in labor and how I wanted to quit so so so badly at around 9cm but I didn't-I think that sorta helped. Sorta.
3. I looked so red and nasty by the end that I prompted two separate groups of people (bystanders) to comment on how running just looks miserable. Thank you bystanders for being so uplifting.
4. There was a man around mile 10 who was dressed exactly like Will Ferrel from the SNL skit where he is playing the cowbell in the band. He just stood there enthusiastically hitting a cowbell. It made me laugh and love him for being willing to look ridiculous just to make runners smile.
5. I sprinted so hard at the end of the race that when I crossed the finish line I straight up peed my pants. Like hardcore. Thank goodness I am a woman who sweats a lot so no one could tell....or could they?
6. This is the first race I have ever run with sister Ruth was my pacer and was amazing!

Now some photos...
sweet little Vera was as tired as I was...I mean we had only slept around 3 hours

this is a tradition-we have done this pose for each of the four half marathons we have run together (I know we look cool) training buddy who ran 4x a week with me (she is a mother of 5 and such a beauty, right?!)...she is amazing!

last shot before the start

my bib # was 4321...obviously I HAD to write the word BLAST OFF on the back of my shirt!! Can you find me?


my faithful hubby...who has been at every one of my races and has cheered me on along the way-he is my hero (I don't care if that sounds cheesy, I really mean it!)
What is one thing you struggle through but are glad in the end you did?


Angela said...

"I straight up peed my pants. Like hardcore."
Dying. I almost peed my pants laughing at this. Congratulations! What an accomplishment.

Mandy said...

Nice work Abby!!!! What a great accomplishment. I admire people who run - I could never be a runner, never was one and never will be :) well done!!!