Friday, September 14, 2012

at last

I tasted fall yesterday. It was heavenly. I sat in my big leather chair looking out our large windows and smiled as I saw bits of rain mixed with a chilly wind blowing all everything about. I love days like that so much. So many of my favorite memories of life include this kind of weather; weather where your hair gets curly and wild from the spitting rain and wind and your need for a second layer makes you just feel cozy and cute. Oh how I love fall. 

To celebrate the arrival of this glorious weather I thought I would share a few items I wish I owned....oh pinterest you have the ability to make me feel like I have been shopping without spending a cent...I love that! From my pinterest closet...and feel free to borrow any of them to wear anytime my dears!

from thriftcandyon flicker
I cannot wait....what things are you just salivating to wear this fall?


Rachel Jones said...

I missed the memo yesterday and was totally under-dressed for our trip to oak park :(
I'm soooo excited for sweaters, boots and my new khaki trench coat (any non maternity clothes make me happy at this point) and can't wait for my girl to wear her new coats, dresses, tights and shoes!

Angela said...

Cute post. I'm excited for riding boots. Corduroy blazers. Little girls in corduroy dresses and patterned tights.