Tuesday, September 18, 2012

if I could

Once in my life I was selected for a study that involved me getting to go on an Anthropologie shopping spree. Seriously one of the best days of my life (and not just because of the shopping:)). I decided to pretend I had that option today....what would I pick I wondered?  It probably was the easiest wad of "cash" I have ever burned through...but then again I was shopping at Anthro not Salvation Army-reality check! Here is what I burnt the wad on-in my pretend world that is....

AG Stevie Ankle (I have these in red and adore them!!) $158.00
Tiered Pointelle Sweater Dress $148.00-Classy with a little twist of perfect!

Opaque Ombre Tights $18.00-because tights are always a good idea

AG Stevie Ankle Color $158.00-Yeah this color would be nice too!

Graphic Begonia Shirt Dress $198.00-How lovely right?!
Now I know those prices are crazy-but those items are amazing...and to be honest the AG pants are worth it...truly they are!

What are you hankering for on your "shopping spree?"


Meg said...

Oh wow...I would love to go on a Anthro shopping spree! I would drown in debt, but at least I would look cute ;)


the cuthberts said...

I'm in love with ombre tights.

Fashion Stains said...

heart the ombre tights! Nice finds!