Sunday, September 16, 2012

cowl season

It is getting to that time of year.....where I curl up with my crochet hook and make cowls by the hour. I love this time of year and I like it especially because I really do not let myself make cowls year round.....I like the idea of kinda saving up my ambition for it until the fall and winter. It somehow makes it more special that way.

Every year when I start crocheting again I always debate what color cowl I should make for myself this season. I truly adore the countless color options I have in yarn that I use to make my cowls for my etsy shop, so choosing just one can be hard. I love the different styles too-I like the luxury of the x-large when it is all cozy up wrapped around me but since I am one who airs always on the hot side the large usually works better for me on the day to day and I pull the xl out for the bitter cold days. Anyhow-I currently am picking my color and it is always a fun time. Feel free to check out my etsy shop if you need a big cozy wrap.....I love making custom orders, so the fun of selecting the color of your choice is not reserved for me alone.

Hello cowl season-I do love you!!

If you were to pick a color which one would you go for....(you can always look through my sold orders too to see all the options)


the cuthberts said...

love 'em! and so excited to not be pregnant this winter (because then it doesn't have to be -50 for me to not get hot in a cowl :)). You're so talented!

Angela said...

I love cowl season. Especially yours!

Mandy said...

Love love love my cowl!! And scarf you made me!!