Tuesday, July 10, 2012

soooooooooo many looks....

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the different looks you want to try?

 It might sound lame to some of you who could care less about what you wear...but to me being able to put together my look for the day is an opportunity for creativity. Do I wear adorable outfits every day-no. (today I wore a dress that looked like an old beach cover-up, not cute, not flatter, but easy to put on and cool to wear) Do I judge people that do not like to be creative in how they dress-no. I love that we have variety and personality as humans and that it comes out in all areas differently...like how we put ourselves together. Do I daydream about color pairings, hair styles, lipsticks and textures....yes. And that is why I can feel overwhelmed.

Pinterest does not help with this either. I have at my fingertips (literally) so many different, beautiful looks and ideas flashing before my eyes that my mind can feel like I need to take it all in and cannot. I might sound a little crazy to you. But, if you are wired like I am wired (and I know some of you are out there) then you get it. And to you people I am now talking....

I love that a simple outfit can completely give you a different persona. Perhaps this comes from my background in theater and childhood love for costumes and character playing. I do not ever dress in a way that is not me-but I like to dress in ways that represent the different sides of me. An anthropologie stylist once told me that my style seemed like "vintage-feminine with an edge". I liked that. And in truth I think that is a bit like my personality. Vintage-feminine with an edge.  Something to think about.

But anyhow-I lost myself.

The whole point of this post was to show you some of the looks I am drooling over and cannot currently do for various reasons. (height-I am 5 feet 3 inches on a good day, money-how can the stores charge those prices!!?, size-truth be told I weigh more than 100 pounds...I know everyone is stunned right now, bravery-I can get looks wearing heels around here-so wanting to try some things may not go over too well)

Here are a few shots from my pinterest wall (abbygirl19) that keep my pulse going at an abnormally rapid pace.

image one, image two, image three, image four, image five, image six, image seven, image eight


Angela said...

I know. I have to literally suppress myself in order to keep from going completely overboard with fashion. It can be overwhelming. Yay, I followed you on Pinterest. I'm at:

the cuthberts said...

the last one makes me SOOOO excited for fall. (who am I kidding...I'm always excited for fall :)).

Rachel Jones said...

Yesss love & hate pinterest for all the inspiring and lovely ideas :)

emily said...

Yes - wired the same way. Sigh. I love these photos, and have decided to go for those short bangs this fall! You all should plan a trip to Montreal some time - people dress so well here and you can play with clothes much more freely (and the thrift store vintage is delicious). Though... NYC is probably an even better bet for all that.