Thursday, July 12, 2012

good from bad..

So when our power was out for five days we had to turn to new ways to entertain ourselves. I decided a trip to Dick Blick for some art supplies was in order-nothing gives life to creativity like getting new art supplies! My plan was to purchase a sketch pad and maybe a new set of pens. About 20 minutes later we left the store with a bit more than that in hand. I had purchased two sketchbooks, two sketching pencils, a pen and a set of colored pens. Each of my children had their own sketchbook and a colored pen of their choice.
(Belle-pink, Judah-blue:shocker I know)

I thought they would draw in it for at least 15 minutes and I am always looking for ways to get that creative gene kicking I was happy.

Fast-forward a week. Those sweet kids have just about filled those sketchbooks. Each day they spend time drawing in them and it has been a real delight to watch. I love how children truly are little artists and all you have to do is supply them with tools. One day when I was talking with my mom about this idea she told me a story about a recent conversation she had.

A high-school student at our church is very gifted in drawing. As my mom was talking with his mother about his ability and when it became clear to her that he was gifted, she referenced back to a time at his grandma's house. She was an artist. On each of her grandchilren's beds she placed a fresh sketchbook and a basket of nice colored pencils. She would then wait to see who was interested and wanted to fill the pages and who would quickly lose interest. Her main thought (and mine as well!!) was that children are more interested in coloring/drawing when they have materials to use that are nice and not "little kid"....aka crayons.

I loved the story because it totally matched my sensibilities on the topic. Nothing is more frusterating then when you want to create a certain look and the tools you have to do it are not capable of letting you.  Imagine trying to draw intricate detail with a bulky crayon! Not only do finer tools help make better pictures...but it is a chance to trust your child with something special...and then to stand back and see how seriously they will take it.

The storm and power outage certainly made some good out of the bad-I love when that happens. Take a peek below into each of ours if you want....

What are you making good from bad with lately??

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Angela said...

You know I'm pro anything that encourages artistic expression! Ha ha. I love Blick's. Let me just grab my purse and keys.