Friday, July 13, 2012

my current hair

I love to mix things up with my hair all the time. Bangs, short hair, long long, dark hair, lighter hair, highlights, get it right?! Anyway. The problem with loving to do your hair all the time is that hairstylists are not exactly free in this fact they are really pricey. Since my wallet is not stuffed with Benjamins I found myself having to do much of these endeavors on my own..some with great sucess some with horrible ends.

The other day while daydreaming about getting highlights done I started to browse the web. I often browse the web while daydreaming, the reason for this is that I feel like I might actually do the things I am researching, or purchase the items I am adding to my shopping cart....while in reality I know I never will.

Until now.

I found this hair salon called Colorific. I went, got highlights, lowlights and a glaze and not only felt good about what I paided but I LOVED the gal I went to as well! No insult-everything-about-your-hair-and-make-you-feel-like-a-total-loser-if-you-don't-get-it-cut-every-other-day from this lady.  If you are in the area and are wanting to get your hair done her name is Katie!

One of the best parts...sitting and reading a magazine without interruption...I would pay just for that!

After: highlights, lowlights, glaze ) pardon the strange face...I don't know why I ALWAYS do those things with my mouth?)


Angela said...

Snap! Girl, you look fab (twisted lips notwithstanding).

the cuthberts said...

LOVE it. and I make sure and go to a girl who doesn't scold me when I box dye my hair :)

Annika said...

Really cute hair! Hey, I didn't realize we live so close to you guys! :) Maybe we'll see you around the neighborhood...if we ever get out of heat hibernation, for pete's sake.

Anonymous said...

Cute!! and good to know where to go

Kristen said...

I LOVE IT Abby!!! So stunning on you. And yes, paying to just read a magazine in peace is priceless!