Sunday, July 15, 2012

desk shot

Currently my desk looks like this....

I have about five ideas swirling in my head that I want to make happen. I love when new ideas and projects come at you so fast you really cannot write them down fast enough. Lately life has been giving me new inspirations all over the place and I am drinking it up. Even my hubby has been feeling the energy and starting to have his own creativity itch come back....which I love because then I have double the inspiration!

 I have yet to start some of them-but believe me friends...I will. The desk shot I hope to do as a reoccurring theme because I personally love to have windows into people's spots of creating. There is something magical that happens there for each individual and seeing it just excites me. I would LOVE to see your creative workspace (kitchen, desk, bed....wherever) and a link to the snapshot. If there are any takers include your link below and know that I will certainly be looking!!

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Stephanie said...

My creative space is in hibernation!