Saturday, July 14, 2012

did you say free food??

When one gets an email from a friend asking if they would be willing to dress up like a cow and go to a restaurant and get free food....the clear, clear, clear answer is YES!! Sign me up!! Did I mention I am not socially dependent when it comes to clothing? (I am not too socially dependent at sporting events either...more on that another time) In fact, I often am on the lookout for any excuse to dress up in a costume and go out in public! (hint:children offer a huge advantage in this area:))  Even as a young child I can remember having lemonade stands on the corner like other kids my age...however unlike other kids my age I liked to dress up as a ladybug while I did it. Why? More like why not?! I love dressing up.

 I have always loved dressing up, I have always loved food, I have always loved being with friends, so basically if you put all of those factors together then a response to that email is a NO BRAINER.... 

Oh I did eat mor chikin....and enjoyed my time doing it!

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