Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keeping Busy

I have been busy crocheting these past few days away. I love having some good movie on, Isabelle playing at my feet-while I keep my hands content working yarn into something fun!! I love neckwarmers-they are instant gratification (quick to make) and are really so lovely and practical! I also love to make hats for Isabelle. I have posted a few on my Etsy store for sale....because really how many hats can a little girl have?? The other thing I just learned to make yesterday is the sweetest little doll. I have made two so far and have high hopes to make more in the future. I found the pattern at marthastewart.com under the Emily Martin portion (she has a site on etsy called TheBlackApple and I just LOVE her work!! If you like the dolls at all please make one-I struggle with making many things...but for some reason her directions are written precisely how my mind works and it was so fun making them. They will be great baby gifts I am hoping!! Well...that is what is keep me from blogging lately-wanted to let you all know. Show me what has been keeping you lovelies busy!!
High Point: Making my second doll....there is nothing like flipping it right side out to see something you have worked so hard at actually look cute (trust me...it does not usually work like that for me:)
Low Point: Laundry...bluh. Hey at least is always smells good at the end!


Anonymous said...

Fun projects! I like the neck warmers a lot. And the little dolls - quite precious! I think they'll make lovely gifts.

What's keeping me busy? Sadly not a lot of crafting, maybe next week I'll indulge!

Unknown said...

what sweet dollies!! So precious. How long does it take to make one?

I keep trying to learn to sew, and my projects keep failing, so I keep giving up. :P

I've been busy making, selling, and shipping more slippers! I made 6 sales yesterday - so tonight, I'm busy packing them up before I go to sleep. :D fun stuff!

I also made a cutie-cute falltime pumpkin hat, but I can't list it yet, because the memory card is at my grandparents' house. :P

Post-sized comment over. :)
OH! I almost forgot - I was going to rave over how adorable Isabelle is. :D She looks just like you!

abby said...

the dolls are really pretty easy to make!!!


that link will give you directions on how to make one. i stink at much much sewing-but for some reason this was totally doable! you should certainly try it. if you have free time from your many sales (that is so wonderful...and flattering when people love your work so much!! congrats!)

the dolls probably take an hour if that...not too sure. please try one! i have a feeling it would be an entire success! thanks for your comment about isabelle-she really is such a little love!

ABBY said...

when it's winter and i'm down and out i may need you to help me see the beauty beyond the blackened chicago snow!