Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Etsy.....I love it!

Okay, I love Etsy and here are a few reasons why!!! tea-I suggest the sampler because you can pick all the ones that tickle your fancy!!! sweetest little leg warmers for babies!! I bought Isabelle two pairs (they are adorable) and function great as tights...without the hassle of tights! want this bracelet. It is lovely and creative and will priced....rock on lady! my dreams I would buy this pattern and make Isabelle this cape....or even myself!!! So dreamy!! a place that sells "pretties" without being pornographic!!! a dream world I would make Isabelle these in every color. is something so classy about this....and beautiful...I want it hanging around my neck!! want to dress Isabelle in this....oh my how cute!!!


Melissa said...

ohhhh! what pretty, pretty things! My favorite is the custom silluiete (haha..thats defintely spelled wrong) pendant! So creative!
You have excellent taste Abby!
Love you! MM

Princess Caitlin said...

Oh! Sweet finds!!
I was going to say you have excellent taste, and then I saw that melissa said that. I wonder if my mind was subconsciously copycatting?

Anonymous said...

So many fun items! I am going to check it out right now. And so many cute things for babies...I am constantly having to refrain from purchasing things and verbally remind myself that I don't have kids yet!

Princess Caitlin said...

You are SO sweet. :) Thanks for the comment!
Hope you and your precious lil family are doing well lately. <3