Wednesday, October 15, 2008

People...oh they are fun!!

The best way to start any writing....with my happy little girl....Isabelle....let us all learn from her joy!!! With an empty toilet paper roll no less!

I love people and the many personalities that are found in them. I was doing a voice recording on Tuesday where I encountered a great deal of highly entertaining people. The voice work is simply a recording of either a book on tape, or as in this case a program for the radio that will be aired around Christmas time. Now for me.....this is a sweet blessing from the Lord whenever I am chosen to do voices. The pay is outrageously good (last time I recorded for about 3 hours and made $600!!!) and the work is extremely fun-since I love acting and no longer really engage in it. This fills that theatrical longing I have while making us extra money that is such a gift from the Lord!!

However, whenever I am there I think they do not know what to do with me. They being the other actors. This time was particularly funny....but to be honest almost every time has been equally entertaining. I was the only girl there....yes the only girl among about 10 men. And the men are all usually over 40...minus three who were probably about my age. So, they are all characters in and of themselves....having voices deep and rich and sooooo theatrical in all they say. Everyone is out to prove they know more about theatre...or their agent booked them here...or have you ever worked with so and so. And there I sit. "No, I stay at home with my lovely girl....No, I do not do this full time.....No, I do not have an agent." They do not know what to do with me and I love it!!! What a delight that I get to step into this highly enchanting world of egotistical actors and smile and be glad that I am not having to compete in their world. What a sense of humor our Lord has....He provides the work-I get to use my love of acting....and on top of that I get to admire the people of this "business" and just think of how I am not cut out for that part of it:)

Nate is wonderful. He is such a glorious husband. I said so much about Isabelle in the last post and hardly anything about him.....and he is amazing. So this little chunk of lines is to let you all know that my Nate is the most delightful husband I could have ever wished for. Those of us that are married let us not hold back praise to our spouses!!! They are a blessing!

Now....what else to speak on. Favorite things currently in my life.....
1. napping when Isabelle does at 3.....a delicious deep nap that swallows my whole body and makes me lose my mind in sleep....wonderful!!
2. dancing....I get to help choreograph a dance for this Show Choir ( a swing dance no less) and I love to dance and rarely have as good of an excuse as this to do it!
3. darling friends that sit and pour themselves out to you in such a refreshing honest and humorous way.....i love friends!
4. Isabelle's hilarity and joy in life....truly gripping a pop can makes her happier than most celebrities carrying whatever name brand purses they tote....I love her for making me find such joy in things as well
5. fall clothing...few things are as fun as climbing into a warm cute outfit and facing the colorful leaves head on...i heart fall!! for my high point low points:)
High Point: Egg harbor potatoes and the cheese omelet. It never gets old and oh my how it delights my tongue. Being there with my wonderful mother and charming daughter does not hurt either;)
Low Point: Taking a nap after getting quite sweaty and realizing my hair decided it would fuzz out and freak out during the shut eye.....super cute and worn looking when my husband came home:)


Anonymous said...

what a happy post!

Melissa said...

I love your love for life! It's truly a testimony to the Lord--the giver of Life and Joy and all good things!!
Abigail is looking more adorable than ever. Can't wait to see you again in Feb!
Bless youxxxx