Friday, October 10, 2008

Sleepy Eyes and Marshmallows

Isabelle is almost one....she turns one on October 18th and I cannot wait for her sweet little birthday party. She is the most delightful child that ever was!! Sometime I can hardly wait until she wakes up in the morning because she is so precious looking-those rosy cheeks and the little sleepy eyes. She is wonderful at cuddling and is hysterical. She truly knows how to make me laugh-really hard!! I could not have asked for a better baby girl-she is my little love!!! I had to include some photos of her....if only you could meet her you would know what a doll she is. She just loves people and will flirt with you like no ones business. And now that she is walking everywhere she is even more funny to watch.....oh how I love her!
(I have no idea why it wrote this whole part in green and underlined.....btw) Isabelle also has this thing for climbing inside things. We were at the library the other day and she just kept climbing into the library shelves and sitting. Therefore I have included a picture of her in her "little hutch" in the basement. I store her toys there and she loves to push all her little toys out and climb in....what a goof!!
Ok, I finally did it. I finally made those homemade marshmallows I have been daydreaming about since I do not know when!! They are amazing and delicious and easy breezy to make. I recommend them. My next goal is to make some either chocolate flavored or peppermint flavored. How yummy would that be in some hot cocoa!! Any one out there have some great recipes for treats?? I am always open to them...especially either yummy coffee drinks or something yummy to sip. Any great teas you cannot live without??? (mine would be wild sweet orange-oh yum!)


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures! You make motherhood seem like so much fun! I hope it's as great for me when my time comes (it's getting closer! at least finally there is a plan in place!). I even noticed the adorable tights that you bought! So fun! (wow, I just used a lot of exclamation points)

Catie said...

That little peanut has gotten so big since I last saw her. She is so cute Abs, and I can tell she is FULL of personality!

Love you!

Princess Caitlin said...

What? You *made* marshmallows? I didn't know that was possible... sweet! I must google it.

But first, I must comment on how absolutely precious Isabelle is. :D The pictures are great!

Karen said...

anytime you want to make some homemade yummies and you need someone to taste test them, send them our way. we'll help you out, free of cost.

Mandii said...

hey lady! just want to let you know I added your etsy site to my "favorites". I love it!
-Mandii (griffith) atkins

emily said...

homemade marshmallows are incredible (not vegetarian, though... sad). In college I drank wild sweet orange with oatmeal cookies - a good combination. And I always like poached pears (maybe with cranberries?) with greek yogurt and a little cinnamon in the fall.