Friday, November 14, 2014

Hand and Cloth

It is getting to that time of year when all anyone really wants to do is snuggle up on a couch with a blanket in front of a fire.
I don't have a fireplace anymore and my heart is still recovering so let's move on from that picture portion.
A couch and blanket I do have and boy do I plan on spending some quality time snuggling on it with my babes and hubby. Blankets can be a tricky thing, I would never have thought it but I can be kinda particular about what I am wrapping myself up in. Whenever I ask Nate for a blanket he always prefaces bringing it to me by asking..."Your favorite one?"
I guess I have a favorite. I also prefer a certain side of it over the other one-but trust me I am not as high maintenance in all areas of my life (I hope!).
I rarely purchase blankets and to be completely honest I think every single blanket (besides baby ones) we have in our home was given to us. It just never occurd to me to buy one.
And then I saw these beauties......and the thought did indeed occur to me.
all images taken from here
Those colors. Those patterns. Be still my beating heart.
They also have stockings. Nailing it on every level. I purchased one for each of us last year and will add one more since sweet Eliza needs one. The stockings are my favorite part of our Christmas decorations they are so entirely my style! So if you need a new blanket or stockings I suggest you order from here, their cause is as beautiful as their blankets.

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