Monday, November 17, 2014

Aeropress: How To Use

I enjoy coffee more than any other drink out there. To me the whole experience of brewing and drinking a cup is comforting and therapeutic. I own five different devices that I can brew coffee with and enjoy each of them for different reasons.
Recently on Instagram my friend Dar asked if I had used an Aeropress. She and her husband (a coffee snob-her words not mine) used this mode of brewing and said it was amazing. I googled "aeropress" within ten seconds of reading her comment and found a trail of people praising this as the best way to make a cup of joe. And the real kicker, super fast execution, reasonably priced gadget. I was sold.
I bought one for Nate's birthday (which is also my birthday, I know crazy) because he shares this coffee obsession with me...(sidenote: the man didn't drink coffee until we started dating...just another reason I picked a winner!!).
The hype is valid.
Go get yourself one or come over and I will brew you up a cup.
It won't take long, just 30 seconds.

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a1257 said...

Great photography.
Thank you for reviewing my favorite brewer.
Best regards,
Alan Adler