Saturday, November 8, 2014

A snapshot of today...

I feel like today this is a good picture of my life.

Trying to have order and accomplish things but realizing I have four small children who want to be just that, small children. I pick up, they play with put away toys. I sit down, they need something. I try to have a moment alone, they happily join me. I want to relax, they want to go go go. I want to daydream about decorating for the holidays, they want to live in the present.
Yes-I know you can relate to this...if you have children or not. This is kinda how life happens. Not always in opposition to itself but often enough. And life is meant to be lived and I believe enjoyed (as far as one is able) so I am going to try to marry these two perspectives of what a Saturday should look like. I know it will involve disappointment on both sides but I am optimistic it will involve some satisfaction on both sides as well.

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