Friday, November 21, 2014

Current Favorite: Necklace

I was trying on clothing at Evereve (formally known as Hot Mama), a rare occasion only made possible by birthday money. As I returned to my dressing room with an armful of goodies the sweet sales lady held out her hand to the clothing I already had placed in my room, "Hope you don't mind but I accessorized the clothes you picked out. It is a slow night and is fun for me to do."

Of course I didn't mind, she was especially kind and since I knew I was not going to be purchasing any of these beautiful necklaces it was not a problem. I am a pretty die hard fan of Forever21 and Charming Charlie jewelry since their prices are cheap and for the most part I cannot tell the hugest difference between their stuff and the expensive stuff.

Then I saw this necklace. I took the bait and tried it on with a shirt that was just an "eh" shirt. Bam. Loved the shirt, it suddenly appeared polished and hip...all because of that little necklace. I tried it on with a few other tops and then, in a final attempt to convince myself it was a pass I put it on with my original outfit.

So good.

I pulled the trigger and already know is going to be one of my closet staples. As I dressed this morning was excited solely because I knew I got to top it off with this lovely gem.

It hits all the right notes
1. classy but set apart enough to not be boring
2. lightweight ( I made the mistake of purchasing a very heavy necklace once and have worn it all of no times)
3. great color-but a neutral that can go literally with anything
4. dress up, dress down-it works with both looks

And now, without further adieu the necklace.

I tried to link up to it on Evereve's website but cannot find it....sooooo you just might want to go to a store and check. They have it in a silver as well and I just might need to get it too.

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