Friday, August 9, 2013

Misha LuLu I want you!!

I adore close to every item the clothing designer, Misha Lulu, makes. I also admire the relationship and inspiration she and her sweet daughter have. The quirky clothing line is bit over my spending budget and for that reason alone I have never purchased any of their clothing for my daughters.  Yesterday, while cruising the internet  in attempt to take a mental vacation from the chaos of raising three little ones, I came across their surplus store (read discount) and boy oh boy do they have adorable items on there! If I had endless amounts of money you better believe my daughter would be entering kindergarten wearing every single piece they have to sell. Since I do not have endless money I will have to pick my favorite one or two items from the surplus store to get her school ready. Below are my current favorites.

All images were taken from here, which is also where to go if you want to purchase any of these adorable items.

What are your favorites?

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Steph said...

this sure is an adorable kids' brand - i hadn't heard of them before! cute blog you have, too. thanks so much for linking to mine!